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Windows is one of the leading competitors on the market of operating systems, but it’s far from perfect. Errors can occur in multiple instances, such as attempting to remove files with long paths, and more. Luckily, developers always come with tools like WinDelete to fill in these gaps, and in this case you’re able to forcefully remove just about anything.
Perks of portability
What gives it a particular advantage, given its purpose, is the lack of an installer. As such, you can check out the set of features from the moment it reaches your computer. Moreover, it can be used on other computers directly from a thumb drive if you decide to carry it around, and doesn’t leave any traces, because it doesn’t modify registry entries.
The window stays on top of everything else by default, which is a good method of preventing accidental loss of focus. You can toggle this option at the press of a button. The application’s window clearly explains what you’re able to perform and how inside a dedicated details section.
Add multiple files and folders
Items are not deleted on the spot, so you’re free to take your time to add items from multiple locations. There’s no browse dialog, and adding items on the list is done through a drag and drop operation, which can have sources like files, folders, or even program paths.
There are two delete modes. You can either delete items on the list, or remove the entire source folders of added items. Removed files and folders are not sent to the Recycle Bin, but not wiped either. In case you want to quickly launch it at any time, there’s the manual tweak to assign a hotkey command to its shortcut.
A few last words
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that WinDelete might not be used on a daily basis, but it’s sure useful when some files stubbornly refuse to be deleted. Multiple files and folders can be targeted, while the application can easily be used from a thumb drive, being worth your while overall.







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WinDelete is a freeware application that was designed to fill a need for a more sensible file deletion tool. It offers several features that aren’t usually found in such utilities, and does it with ease. By keeping the program streamlined and effortless to work with, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever have any trouble. What’s more, it comes with various helper features, such as long file path support, as well as an amazing tweak feature, making the total package perfect for not only file deletion, but also Windows hard drive cleaning.
The application offers a simple interface. By opening it, you can do multiple things with it, like removing a bunch of files and folders at once. Moreover, there’s a help window on top that will explain what’s possible, although the details are only accessible through the main window. There’s also a basic Settings window that you can use to configure everything the program does, because there’s so many options you’ll need to be able to do so.
In terms of features, this tool has a few quirks that you need to get used to. First off, you have to set a bunch of preferences from scratch. You need to modify the default delete mode, the maximum amount of files and folders to add, the source type, whether to support long paths, etc.
After you’ve done that, however, you get a pretty interesting feature. You can use the program for other purposes, since it’s not used only for file deletion. First off, it can be used as a simple bookmark manager, making it easier to add any folders, or even paths that you want. You can also change the default folder, and re-arrange items. The list window also has a big helping hand, and is absolutely essential for fast file cleanup.

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The list

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If you’ve encountered those situations where you’ve tried to remove an item from Recycle Bin or it’s gone forever, WinDelete is here to help you. The tool is a solution that might come handy to you. If you have files to delete, you need to try out this application. It can be used to delete files and folders quickly. It is not simply a temporary solution. It’s a permanent solution for your problems. You need to perform it for real.
The bottom line
If you want to completely remove a file from your computer, then you need to try out this tool. This tool will help you and will really help you. And we all know that you don’t want to take chances with your computer system. You’ll definitely take a look at this tool. I think that you should definitely try it out on your computer. If you want to delete folders, files, and give a proper punch to your system in order to save your files, then you should definitely try it out. It is like almost like a little go-to for you.
Use WinDelete to remove any items without any user or system interference. You can use WinDelete on its own and without the help of any software.

WinDelete Review and Features:

How does WinDelete work?

Is it secure?

What do you need to start using WinDelete?

What does this software cost?

How can I find out more about the product?

Is there any WinDelete Beta site, YouTube channel, or similar?

Is WinDelete reliable?

What is WinDelete?

The WinDelete is a powerful file and folder deletion tool. It helps you to quickly remove files from the Recycle Bin or remove folders, and helps to permanently remove them from the hard drive. There’s no need to reformat and reinstall the entire computer.

What is the windows cleanup & get rid of option?

What is the windows cleanup options?

What is the windows cleanup option?

Is it safe to use the windows cleanup option on the hard drive?

What is the windows cleanup option?

How to Turn On Windows Cleanup & Removal Option?

How do I use it?

The Windows cleanup & Get Rid Of Option is a powerful and helpful utility. You can easily remove or move files and folders in the Recycle Bin or Delete option

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WinDelete allows you to delete thousands of files simultaneously in just a few seconds. WinDelete helps you quickly and safely to delete all unneeded files and free disk space from your hard drive. The program enables you to delete files without prompting you that they’re in use or needed.
What it does:
WinDelete is an easy-to-use software, which allows you to delete multiple files simultaneously with just one click. WinDelete is not like most other software in terms of working. It is a standalone software, which should be downloaded and not installed on the computer. It needs to be downloaded on your mobile. To delete the files, all you have to do is click on the file on the list, and then use the trash bin on the right-hand side. The function of this software is much faster than most of the other software, and you can delete all files without any problem. Also, WinDelete is so unique software that it can delete the files directly without your permission.
WinDelete Features:
• You can select the files and folders you want to delete.
• You can select the file of folder that you want to delete.
• This software removes only those files that you add in the list.
• The files and folders can be mixed without any problem.
• WinDelete also allows you to delete the individual files that are used by the other files and folders.
• WinDelete works on all the windows OS and ensures the files deleted by it.
• This software is designed to be portable and can be used from any source.
• This software can be uninstalled from the software list very easily.
• The system files are not deleted automatically. So, this can be used safely.
• It doesn’t have any animation or text pop-up. Also, it provides an immediate option to stop its operation after each delete operation.
How to Use WinDelete?
Steps to Delegate:
• Firstly, you need to download the software on your mobile.
• Then, open the folder, where you want to download the WinDelete and search for the WinDelete.
• Finally, open the file, and install the software.
• Then, you need to go to the settings and change the settings.
• As the last step, you need to press the OK button.

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What’s New in the?

WinDelete is an icon management utility designed for Windows 10 users that helps you to get rid of old or unnecessary icons that you don’t want to keep and convert their settings to Bitmaps. You can find them in the list and simply delete them.

The application can manage all Windows icons, but this is not the only thing it can do. It supports also: – copying and pasting icons to another part of the file system; – a convenient search function; – a built-in scanner to speed up icon management tasks; – a simple color-picker; – applying icon transparency; – a variety of other features.


WinDelete Features

Lightweight application system requirements WinDelete is easy to use, but it needs a fast PC with enough RAM to manage it. It’s also not for the faint of heart if you’re looking for maximum performance, but for most users, the minimum requirements should be in order.

Getting Started with WinDelete

If you’re ready to take WinDelete for a spin, simply press on the install button and click on the Run button. WinDelete will request the consent and install the required files to your system. If you wish to change some settings, click on the Settings button.

Delete in WinDelete

Once you’re done with these steps, you can go back to the main screen and choose from the list of available icons. Simply right click the icon you wish to delete and select Delete. If you wish to choose a default action instead of the automatic one, you can deselect the automated behavior and click on the Default button. This way, the next time that you open WinDelete, you can simply select the icon as a default action.

Set Icon Properties

Once an icon has been deleted, you can go back to the Main screen and choose the same icon. Go to the Properties tab and you can change the colors or properties of the icon. This is useful if you want to convert it to a Bitmap or change the border colors of the icon.

Install WinDelete as a Home Folder Shortcut

Selecting this option, you’ll have the opportunity to select the WinDelete icon as a shortcut for your personal folder. The initial icon will be set as the default one. To change this, simply select the icon you wish to be the default one and click on the Default button again.



System Requirements:

Mac OS X
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
PS Vita
Google Chrome
Chrome OS
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
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