Vasantha Maligai Hd Movie Free ((TOP)) Download

Vasantha Maligai Hd Movie Free ((TOP)) Download

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Vasantha Maligai Hd Movie Free Download

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Using the value of difftime() to find if a data point was measured on multiple days

Hi guys Im working on a problem where I need to find how long a patient spent in a rehabilitation program and then display the percentage of time spent in the program.
I dont need to calculate days spent in rehab I just need to know if the patient was there on multiple days.
So let say Patient 1 was in rehab from Mar-28-2018 to Jul-14-2018 and they entered rehab on Mar-28-2018 I need to display the percentage of time spent in rehab as 90% of the time spent in rehab.
I created this DataFrame to work with the data.
‘Patient ID’:[‘1′,’2′,’3′,’4′,’5′,’6′,’7′,’8’],
‘Total Days In Rehab’:[14,30,31,14,31,45,5,42]})

Patient 1 was in rehab for 14 days total and entered rehab on Mar-28-2018
so I used a multiindex to combine days and patients

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