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In the Crystal Nebula, the last frontier of human expansion has been reduced to glassy ruins. In a world covered in ruins, there is no one who can understand you, and no one who wants to. Save the ones you love in a universe that is dead. Embark on a journey from the last habitable world to the secrets of the farthest reaches of the far future. Travel the solar system of Syonan, and find hope in the darkest hours.


Save the ones you love in a universe that is dead. Embark on a journey from the last habitable world to the secrets of the farthest reaches of the far future.

Travel the solar system of Syonan, and find hope in the darkest hours.

From the creators of Deadspace, Fatal Frame and the Siren series, comes a chilling adventure unlike anything else in the survival horror genre.

Explore a living world populated by dangerous and mysterious creatures with a terrifying backstory.

Fight back with a variety of items, skills, and traps.

Defend against an increasingly hostile environment.

Manage health, and turn other living things into allies or food.

Can you survive in this fractured future universe?

The Crystal Nebula is a survival horror game where players must explore a living, breathing solar system inhabited by frightening creatures, dangerous traps, and brutal enemies. As per usual, you will need to preserve your human life at all costs. But unlike your average horror game, this is a game where you will have the opportunity to resurrect people, who you care about, as your life bar replenishes in exchange for their life. Can you save the people you love in this deadly universe? Or will you become the last human?

The story unfolds on a mysterious planet called Syonan, which was once a thriving metropolis. Now, all that remains is a bare wasteland of broken buildings and desolated ruins. At a distance lies a large facility, which used to be a research lab for a corporation. To access it, players must pass through the derelict alien settlement of nightmarish creatures and ancient traps. You will face off against terrifying creatures that must be battled head on, as well as a myriad of human enemies and traps to make sure you do not leave the station alive.

Exploring the solar system of Syonan, players will come across many dangers as they search for their destination. Many traps and monsters exist scattered throughout the solar system in a protective


The Unintended Consequences Of Curiosity Features Key:

  • 50 Monsters and bosses
  • 10 different areas
  • Different methods of action
  • Easy to learn
  • Multiple difficulty levels


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Evo is developed and published by Reanimation, creators of the award-winning games Cave Story and Caves of Qhira.
Evo is free to download and play, both for the Windows PC and for tablets and smartphones.
Evo has a unique art style, intended to be a 2D experience, although the music is 3D audio, which can be activated with the Switch function key.
Key Features:
Story-based: A side-scrolling, 2D experience with a story about a man who lives in a protective magical bubble and who is left to his own thoughts.
From time to time he is visited by entities from the Void, which lead him to his destiny.
Explore: Escape to different locations and collect objects. There are over 120 objects to find, including key items, which will transform your protagonist.
The game ends when the protagonist finds all of the objects and runs into a battle against the Void.
Mystical elements: The Void is a magical energy that can be unlocked at a certain point in the game and gives the user new abilities.
If the Void has not been unlocked, the characters will encounter enemies. They are not harmful but they will show you the way to the next location.
Control: Press spacebar to jump. Control your character with touch-screen and keyboard.
An intuitive control scheme makes the game accessible for everyone.
Share: Exchanges save data.
Game Contact:
Are you ready for the Void? Check out the trailer of Evo and follow the game in Facebook and Twitter for information.

– New Update –

[WIP Version]

Add new routes to the game and add fixed routes to the replay function.

– New Version –

– New Updates –

– New Specials –

By request, there is now a non-English version of the game.

The texts are both translated and written in English and you can now select your preferred language in the options menu.


– Bugfixes –

– Screens –

[USA Version]

– New Game Mode –

The DooT (Drowning in Torpor) is now the standard mode in which you will find yourself


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* Controls:
~ Mouse : Movement
~ Arrow Keys : Various Punch / Jump / Dodge / Action
~ L1: Zoom In and Out
~ L3: Toggle „Bloom” effectOn iPad:
~ Touch the Left and Right side of the screen to Zoom In and Out.
~ Touch the Up and Down to Punch
~ Touch the Center of the screen to „Jump”
~ Double Tap the top middle portion of the screen to Dodge attack
~ Touch the Bottom Left Corner of the screen to Grab the „Buddy” sidekick.
~ Touch the Bottom Right corner of the screen to drop the „Buddy”.
~ Click the (Boss) Button to Defeat the Boss
3D & 2D Display (Twitch & YouTube):
This Game requires a 3D and/or 2D Display. Right now we only have options for the 2D Display mode but in the future we will have options for 3D. If You are having problems with the screen displaying strange colors then try connecting your iPad / iPhone to a separate Display Device.
Game Device Mode Requirements:
* Game Device – Connect Game Device Using USB Cable.
* Game Machine – Open the game in „Game Machine” Mode.
* Game Device – Play Game Device inside the „Game Machine” Mode. (Game Machine will Detect).
How to Setup:
1) Open „Game Machine” Mode (Enter „Game Machine” Mode).
2) Connect Game Device to your iPad.
3) Attach Game Device to Your PC and Exit to „Game Machine” Mode.
4) Start Game and Enjoy!
Quick Tips:
* Double Tap the TOP MIDDLE Portion of the screen to Dodge the attack. * Blocking or Dodge an attack will release the attack causing all enemy characters to be knocked back.
* Hold an Enemy Character, and click on the Enemy Logo to Throw the Character.
* Press the „Jump” Button to „Jump” up to a High Jumper Platform.
* Click on the (Boss) Button to Defeat the Boss.
* If the Enemy Character’s Card misses your Player Character or Goofy Buddy (Two Player Battle) then You will not be able to Defeat the Boss when You get to the Boss Boss Screen.
* This is a FREE GAME. This Game is Casual and can be enjoyed by All Ages.Violence and Violence-Based Themes:
* Death and injury are part of the game.
* This


What’s new in The Unintended Consequences Of Curiosity:

Technology has been the mover of so many people as early as 1967, when personal computers and the internet were first introduced. The technology has only gone and escalated way farther since then. Since they are so small these days, it’s been great to see what goes on inside these computers and cell phones. All one needs to do is power them up to know the current technology going on today.

Technology has been the mover of so many people as early as 1967, when personal computers and the internet were first introduced. The technology has only gone and escalated way farther since then. Since they are so small these days, it’s been great to see what goes on inside these computers and cell phones. All one needs to do is power them up to know the current technology going on today.

No locks, unlike 1967

Within the bottom of your computer or phone there’s a screen. And on the screen, you’re thinking, „What is the screen?” If you can look at the screen then it’s nothing to be afraid of. But what is the screen? It is basically a window to all the goodies inside the computer or cell phone. Before these devices could do anything there were all the helpful programs and operators to help and guide us along the way. Nowadays, there are steps to go through before any of the operators and programs can be turned on. This is where the locks come in. They prevent anyone from using the computer or cell phone when it’s not his or hers to use.

The locks are pretty easy to remember. There are four labels to look for, on a black area of the screen when you first get the computer or cell phone. They are battery/disk, power/phone, time/date, and power. When your computer or cell phone comes with a key, use this key to the battery/disk lock to turn on the computer. This is to verify that it is yours. Once you verify that it is yours, you can use the key for the power/phone lock to turn on the phone. Once this is done, you can use the key for the time/date lock to turn on that, and lastly, when you use the key for the power lock, then everything is ready to go. Make sure the keys that you want to use are labeled with the name of the owner of the device you are turning it on.

In the old days with no locks, since your computer and cell phone were just not ready yet, people


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Vertigo Zero: World Tour is the first location based VR PC game based on the historic monuments of the world.Achieve your own personal goal by exploring the monuments of the world using the innovative tourist mode to unlock new route!You can also enjoy the historical landmarks of the world with your smartphone and gamepad.
Builds on the innovative concepts of the famous monuments in the world and allows you to experience each monument from an entirely new viewpoint.
The game features a player’s guide, interactive game map and in-game unlockable achievements.
As a result of the progress, the monuments and their areas are connected to the real world.
The game consists of a tourist mode to accompany you on your trip around the world, and then, is also integrated into the larger plot. In addition, the game features a player’s guide and a map on which you can explore the story.
Enlist as an escort or become a thief?
Player Guides
Players can view the plot of the game with a player’s guide that provides hints and walking directions to each monument.
Discover the world of architecture
Your task: As an architect, you must carefully choose the architectural styles of the world by working together with the player’s guide.
The world’s landmarks: Of the different temples and monuments in the world, you may choose the 3 you like best to build.
Special weapons for the Monument: You can enjoy other players’ help in this game. With the help of this function, you can earn the weapons and accessories that other players have unlocked in the game.
To unlock new monuments and temples: Play together with other players and work together to conquer the game.
Use the function of daily play to enjoy the rewards of the game.
Use equipment and weapons that you have earned to improve your stats and enter the bonus game.
Clues to discover the world: Through the map, you can seek out the hints regarding the world.
Build a palace: The player’s guide will lead you on the way.
Heroic quest: The player’s guide will lead the quest.
Twilight Templar:
Visit several monuments in the twilight.
Carry out a risky assignment.
During the night, before dawn, when the sun rises in the east, the ground is the hardest.
Ratings and Reviews
The game has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on 8,256 reviews on Steam


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    – DirectX 11.0 or higher
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    – OS: Windows


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