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* The Moon, is often referred to as the Earth’s „sister moon” or Moon’s „little sister”
* It is the third satellite of the Earth
* It is considered the closest body to Earth
* It is the second most reflective object in the Solar System
* It has the longest lunar day
* The Sun never fully lights up the dark side of the Moon
* The Moon is in a period of celestial inactivity known as a „lunar eclipse.” (unobservable in the U.S.)
* You can see by the Moon that the days are longer in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern Hemisphere.
* The Moon is the largest body in the Solar System after the Sun and Jupiter.
* The Moon is about 1/2 the size of Earth.
* The Moon has a roughly 1/4% ratio of water to land.
* The Moon orbits Earth every 24 hours.
* The Moon orbits the Earth at about 38,000 miles per hour.
* More than 99.9% of the Moon is made of a silicate material called „orthotitanium.” The surface is covered with rough, heavily cratered scars of impact caused by meteorite, asteroid, and comet collisions. The Moon has no atmosphere or oceans.
* The light reflected from the Moon is totally different in color than the light reflected from the Sun.
* The Moon’s orbit is tilted at about 5 degrees with respect to the ecliptic, so that it alternately presents the Sun in full or eclipsed. The Moon’s period is about 27 days and the lunar month is about 29 days.
* There are many more cislunar or near-Earth objects (NEOs) than Earth-crossing asteroids.
* The Moon has the gravitational pull to cause the tides in the seas and oceans on Earth.
* Every 8 months, when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, the Earth is fully illuminated from that direction.
* Five minutes after sunrise and five minutes before sunset, the Sun illuminates the Moon and reveals the Earthshine. This is especially dramatic when the Moon is full or nearly full, because of the bright disc of Earth that rises along the horizon during the hour preceding sunrise and sets along the horizon at sunset.
* The Moon’s general shape is roughly egg-shaped, with a slightly flattened end that faces the Earth.
* The Moon is an inert object. It has no atmosphere, no

The Moon Space Screensaver (LifeTime) Activation Code

– Free high resolution moon images.
– 3D images of the Moon for your desktop.
– Moon phases rotation.
– You can choose the Moon phase and rotation speed.
– You can choose the position of the Moon on the screen.
– You can set the desktop’s shape and position.
– You can choose whether or not the NASA images should be active.
– By default, images for the night and dusk phases will be active.
– By default, the screensaver will be active.
– You can select between black, blue, white or gray backgrounds.
– You can select from the following image sizes: A4, A3, A2, A1.
– You can set the color of the Moon.
– You can change the Moon’s direction.
– You can select between portrait, horizontal and square screen modes.
– You can set the size of the Moon images

What’s New in This Release:

– Improved the desktop color, border and background images.

What’s new:
Fixed the following problems:
– Would not start the application on some computers due to the fact that the needed acero.ini file is missing.
– Fixed the appearance of the color of the moon and changed the background color.

– Fixed the problem when the screensaver was not starting in some computers.

– Fixed the problem when the screensaver failed to display the moon phase in some computers.

– Fixed the problem when the moon was displayed in the wrong direction in some computers.

– Fixed the problem when the screensaver would not display properly in some computers.

– Fixed the font of the „INFO” and „On” text.

What’s new:
* New Feature: You can choose the position of the moon in your desktop by dragging it.
* New Feature: You can choose the Moon’s direction by rotation.
* New Feature: You can choose the color of the moon with a great variety of colors.
* New Feature

The Moon Space Screensaver

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Download and enjoy!
This screensaver is designed in such a way that your computer will not be
disturbed, giving you a peaceful background for work, study, or as a
background on your monitor with the screensaver running. In addition,
this screensaver can be used as a monitor screen saver in MS Windows or as a
desktop wallpaper in Mac OS X.
The Moon Space Screensaver has been tested on:

Download it now and be amazed by the beautiful images!

The Moon Screensaver Copyright 2002, Vladimir Kriz. Click Here to visit our other screensavers!
The Moon Screensaver is released under the creative commons license. You are
permitted to distribute this screensaver for free, but if you do, please
send me an e-mail to request my permission.
Support for The Moon Screensaver can be found on our website:

The Moon Screensaver Description:

Night falls on Earth, two hundred thousand kilometers from the Moon.
The illuminated Earth is rapidly getting smaller and smaller in the sky, and
we are now entering the lunar night. Suddenly, behind the Moon, which is now
brightly illuminated by the Sun, a mysterious light appears. A blueish
light. It takes the first minutes of the lunar day to disappear slowly in
the dark sky.

A screensaver that will give you the impression of being on the Moon!

Beam and Commander screensaver is a screensaver that offers real-time
illustrations of spacecraft.It is suitable for everyone, whether they
work in a laboratory, industry, or astronaut.

Beam and Commander screensaver is based on a scientific project called
‘Planetary Beam’ designed for NASA. The project consists of a large
range of devices and highly stable platforms.To use Beam and Commander
screensaver, you need to select the folders with one of the NASA
missions, spacecraft parts, and experiment’s video-files.

The screensaver consists of three elements:
– one image for each unit:
– Beam – itself a space probe, which means one ‘beam’ or beam of a
– Commander – an astronaut, who is in command

What’s New In?

Thanks to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, more than 30,000 high-resolution images of the moon’s surface are now available. Beautiful images of the Earth’s natural satellite! From the perspective of spacecraft and landers that have traversed the surface, there are many canyons and craters, as well as the sunlit maria and the dark maria, the volcanic „Highlands” and the permanently shaded „Valley Bottoms.”
-Manual control of the screensaver
-Images are automatically cropped and sharpened by the computer
-Saves the cropped image as an item in the Windows Pictures folder
-You can change the moon’s orbit (from Earth’s orbit)
-Images can be turned on or off automatically every 30 minutes or so
-Images can be cropped automatically.
-You can select which of the images to show.
Please Note:
-The installer includes a .scr file (shortcut to the screensaver), a .ini file (to save the selected moon phase).
What’s New in this Version:
Minor bug fixes.

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System Requirements For The Moon Space Screensaver:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280×1024 screen resolution
Processor: 2.0 GHz Quad Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
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