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One of the most unique and addicting games out! Jump, slide, punch, & elbow-drop through 40 devious levels while trying to master your techniques! BREAK & MASTER THERPIE! Find 4 matchsticks and throw them into an enemy to your enemy’s dismay. Kick Butt is for the speed-runners, the elite, the elite…I can’t say it too much more. We are looking for feedback and help! So head on over to our Discord server to connect with us: and your suggestion box is always open for feedback! WARNING: This game is a labour of love for ThePickleArmsJohnson and therefore features jump, fall and paddle breaks. In the game we have given a 0.5 power up that can be earned over the course of the game by collecting orbs along the way. This power up will help speed you up but also increase the amount of damage received through said breaks. However, the 0.5 power up is worth its weight in gold, and is limited so be mindful of when you use it. We do our best to avoid deaths by break however there are some unavoidable scenarios. About the developer: ThePickleArmsJohnson is a studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are indie game makers, commercial free for now. Our team grew from a single developer to a full team with plenty of contacts to assist with game marketing. We are currently developing a new game called „Not Here” currently in early alpha stages. We are a small team, so if you have any feedback, ideas or want to contact us please feel free to do so! Myobobox is a physics-based 2D platformer, inspired by the classics of the genre, such as Moonbotics’ „Robot Unicorn Attack” and Joseph’s own „Pipeworks”. You will be traveling in the TARDIS to the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation headquarters, after the theft of a Geiger counter known as „Gamma Wave”. With an experimental neurochip called „Mindlink” brainwashed from housekeeper Clara into evil, your goal will be to escape the building and save your friends from Doctor Clara. Can you help the Doctor prevent a Cyberman invasion? Features: – 2D Physics-Based Gameplay – Multiple Game Modes


Red Wizard Island Chapters:

  • 1-4, the Forest, Jungle and River
  • 5-8, the City
  • 9-12, the Forest and Jungle
  • 12-15, the Game Center


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The goal of Red Wizard Island is to fly through each level, racing against the clock to get to the finish line. How fast can you go? How far can you push the limits? Each world of the 6 has a different theme. Learn to beat the level, gain score and explore the game. Enjoy the variety of music and imaginative gameplay across different worlds. PREPARE TO FLY! —–Gameplay Videos—– —–Official Red Wizard Island Website—– Android Button with Multiple Background I am trying to create a button using a pre-designed picture as the background. So far I can have it where the original background does not show, but I am not sure how to make it where the original background does not show, but only show the image itself. I have tried in the drawable folder a lot of different sizes and such, but all I have is a button with a grey background and an image. Here is my drawable folder: Button_Code Any ideas? A: First create this style. @drawable/button Create a drawable of type layer-list in the drawable folder. d41b202975


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Red Wizard Island: Deep within the ocean lies the legend of the Red Wizard, a secret treasure within the depths of the ocean. Due to the water’s immense pressure and the crystalline layers beneath, the ocean’s water is able to refract and focus the light of the sun into pure, brilliant beams of light that make the deep oceans clear and relatively safe from monsters.However, not all things are what they seem, and sometimes the darkness within the depths can take over. The surrounding islands can be perilous when it comes to the light of the sun and the monsters that dwell below.Our adventurers have found the entrance to the ocean depths and are looking forward to exploring their contents. They must enter the depths and set off to explore the many wonders that lie within. However, beware of the other creatures that roam the ocean depths, or they will vanish into the shadows as they struggle to survive the onslaught. About This ContentThe enemies that lurk the ocean depths are plenty in number, each one a bigger threat than the last. From the vicious and bloodthirsty monsters to the cunning and quick-witted pirates, they all seem to be in pursuit of you!The weapons of your ship, while they make life easier for you, do not necessarily make it any easier to fight the monsters! Each monster has its own attack and defense levels that you must match with your own strategies and tacticso that you can survive through to the end.With plenty of treacherous obstacles and dangers, you will need to think quickly and calculate the right timing to dodge your enemy’s attack in order to survive through to the end. Game Features – 4 story missions that offer both intense action-packed battles and exciting exploration – 5 boss levels that can put a major damper on your exploration – Gunship and submarine ship-to-ship combat – Numerous useful objects and tools that can help you on your mission – Over 30 different weapons and a vast selection of power-ups that can help you on your journey – A wide variety of items, such as health packs and tool upgrades – A map and radar system to help you plan ahead and track where you have already been – Friendly NPCS to help guide you through the dangerous seas – 9 distinct visual environments that will put you in a very different world – Visual and music track that are very harmonious to the situation and the adventure – All new and very immersive Soundtrack – A detailed and dramatic storyline that will carry you


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