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With time, almost everything around us became digitized, including our work environment. We do most of our job in from of a computer, and everyday we create and manipulate a large number of documents, some of them being PDF files. There are numerous programs that help you make and edit PDFs but how many of them live up to the task.
PDF Toolbox is one of those simple yet sophisticated tools designed to offer an easy way of creating, editing and managing various PDF documents, along with encryption and watermark functions. It's wrapped in an accessible and approachable interface that consists of two toolbars, each providing different features, and a file viewer. In order for the app to run properly, Abode Reader needs to be installed on the computer.
View items and convert records to PDF format
To start, all you have to do is open a PDF item by browsing its location on the computer. Once loaded you can zoom in and out to view details, insert multiple pages from another document or blank sheets. Plus, they can be moved up and down to arrange them with ease, rotate and extract them.
The app integrates the "click-to-convert" function to generate standard PDF records from any file, image or webpage. PDF Toolbox gives you the option to add, edit, delete or modify new and existing bookmarks. From the menu, PDF metadata may be filled in, like the author, title, subject and keywords.
Enter header and footer for each page and encrypt important files
What's more, you can insert date and time or text to the header and footer of each sheet or just specific ones with customized font type, size, color and alignment. Plus, the program lets you enter other PDF documents as watermarks in front or behind existing pages and in vertical or horizontal position.
Another useful feature is the document security, to which you can apply password protection when opening or changing a file, manage allowed permissions (e.g. prevent print, modifications, copy, extraction, comment), and select encryption strength (40, 128 bit).
On ending note
All in all, PDF Toolbox is an intuitive and straightforward tool that comes in handy when you want to quickly create PDFs using different document types, as well as edit and add watermarks and security protection to all your PDF files.







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PDF Toolbox allows you to easily create and edit any kind of PDF file, as well as print, sign, encrypt and decrypt them. It’s an intuitive, effective and straightforward tool to quickly create, edit and convert any kind of PDF file. Create PDF files from any printable document file (from your local drive or network), image, scanned document, or even from webpages, and save them as both standard and bookmarked PDF files. Its simple and straightforward user interface allows you to create, edit and manage PDF files without needing to be familiar with advanced editing techniques. It allows you to create, edit and manage PDF files without any need of professional editing tools and knowledge. Just select the document you want to convert, make your changes, export, and that’s all. PDF Toolbox is a perfect tool for everyone who needs to create, edit and manage PDF files from their local drive or network.
1. Create PDF files from printable document files
2. Create PDF from scanned documents
3. Create PDF from webpages
4. Create PDF from image files
5. Create PDF from Microsoft Office and Open Office documents
6. Combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file
7. Merge PDF files into one PDF file
8. Print and sign PDF files
9. Save a PDF file in PDF, JPG or PNG format
10. Convert PDF files from any other document format
11. Sign PDF files with digital certificates
12. Set password protection for the document
13. Insert header, footer, and page breaks
14. Add your signature as a watermark
15. Insert your company or personal information as a watermark
16. Set the watermark position
17. Add text, graphics and font to the watermark
18. Easily add, edit and delete bookmarks
19. Set different PDF metadata and secure your document
20. Convert text and image objects to PDF in one click
21. Use different watermark colors and transparency
22. Add encrypted signature watermark to the document
23. Apply watermark from other PDF files
24. Allow only specific users to open the document
25. Add security protection and password to the document
26. Save file as a PDF
27. Choose PDF bookmarks
28. Use a selection of fonts for the PDF bookmarks
29. Set different bookmark text and font
30. Set bookmark positions
31. Import PDF files from other application
32. Add or edit PDF metadata

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Keymacro is the most powerful macro recorder for Windows. As the developer, it lets you record every event performed in the mouse, keyboard and text tools. Record every single keystroke you perform, control the speed, then reproduce it over and over. With Keymacro, you can perform any typing task in record time, with just the click of a button. Keymacro is really the fastest macro recorder for Windows, period.
Adobe Acrobat Description:
The fastest and easiest way to create professional-quality PDFs from a wide range of applications. You can easily create, edit, sign and print PDFs from a PC or Mac, as well as import files from a variety of sources including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert user, Adobe Acrobat is the easiest way to get professional PDFs. Acrobat is also the only PDF creation and editing toolkit that lets you do everything you need to create, edit, and secure PDFs from a single software platform. With Acrobat you can work with files of any size, from the smallest form factor smart cards to high-resolution color graphics.
The Intelligent PDF Description:
The new and advanced PDF security feature in Adobe Acrobat XI lets you automatically create a strong digital signature, strong digital signatures can be automatically generated by creating a unique digital signature for every document. It is a very important feature for enterprises that send out thousands of documents every month.
The Enhanced Security Features:
Additional enhancements in the Enhanced Security Features for Acrobat XI include a stronger digital signature option, automatic encryption, user authentication options, and enhanced handling of password protected PDFs.
PDF eSign Description:
The addition of the Adobe Digital Signatures technology to Acrobat XI enables new and enhanced security features for PDFs. PDF eSign is now the easiest way to incorporate electronic signatures into PDF documents. With PDF eSign, it is now possible to generate electronic signatures for multiple users and from multiple computers, sign PDFs automatically, and securely enable Adobe Acrobat’s enhanced security features.
Acrobat Writer Description:
Acrobat Writer makes it easier than ever to create professional quality documents, fill out forms, and secure them. Adobe Acrobat Writer adds forms to any document, making it easier to gather and send information. It also adds new security features that help make documents more secure when they’re sent.
Acrobat XI Description:
Adobe Acrobat XI lets you make perfect digital documents by supporting both

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The program is free and open-source. It’s available in both Windows and Mac versions. Get it at GitHub, LibreOffice, or Ninite.

]]> Forge Live: Build, Design, Model, and Share
16 Dec 2017 22:55:03 +0000 Forge Live – the application used to create projects in design, model, and build environments – gained new features and functionalities in version 1.0.8. The new release comes with the already familiar Live Collaborate, Live Viewport, Live Plot and Live Collaboration tools. This tool is also utilized in the following areas:

Autodesk Forge Live – the application used to create projects in design, model, and build environments – gained new features and functionalities in version 1.0.8. The new release comes with the already familiar Live Collaborate, Live Viewport, Live Plot and Live Collaboration tools. This tool is also utilized in the following areas:


Project Creation & Publishing

File Management

Autodesk Forge Live 1.0.8 Download

Autodesk Forge Live 1.0.8 Review

The program’s main goal is to bring the best of cloud-based platforms to the local desktop and make it easy for users to build, create, publish, share, collaborate, and manage their projects. For example, users can now import and link to files, objects, scenes, and components in the cloud and perform live collaboration through the integrated live meet & greet feature. They can create and publish 3D content to their own cloud space, as well as to the Autodesk App Gallery.

What’s more, Forge Live 1.0.8 has improved the selection of import sources and import options, which include.obj,.fbx,.fbxsm,.dae,.3ds,.dxf, and.zip. Plus, it now offers a new

What’s New In?

This application allows you to easily print from your iOS device to any Brother or Brother Multifunction networked multifunction device, from any standard Brother multifunction printer.
<b>Brother Touch Print</b> (also available for Android devices) allows you to print any documents that are stored on your iOS device using the Brother multifunction device you have on your network. You can either print from documents or emails using Brother Touch Print, and print to Brother MFC devices or any PC/Laptop on your network via the Wireless Network Connection.
Brother Touch Print has been designed to be as simple as possible, making it easy to setup and use the application. Once installed, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of Brother Touch Print when you open it for the first time. The application comes with an easy to use interface. For printing documents you will be asked to select the Brother multifunction device to which you wish to print. To preview documents, you will be asked to select from a range of popular document types.
Brother Touch Print is also capable of printing emails, if you want to print a specific email, you will need to add the email to the Brother multifunction device. If you add emails to your Brother multifunction device you will be able to print to that Brother multifunction device without needing to re-select the Brother multifunction device every time.
Once you have installed Brother Touch Print and connected your iOS device to your Brother multifunction device, Brother Touch Print will begin to search for any printers available to Brother multifunction device. Brother Touch Print will automatically save the print jobs once they are complete.
**Note: There is a limit to the number of printers that Brother Touch Print can recognise. Depending on the number of Brother multifunction devices on the network, Brother Touch Print may recognise less than the maximum number of printers and print jobs. We recommend that you use Brother Touch Print on a desktop to print to your Brother multifunction device.
Brother Touch Print is capable of printing to any Brother multifunction device. It is also capable of printing to any PC or Laptop on your network using the Brother MFC.
Supported Document Types:
PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, RTF, HTML and Email
Supported Printers:
Tandem and Multifunction
Brother MFC
Brother MFC-J6600dn
Brother MFC-J4600dn
Brother MFC-J6900
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J6900dn
Brother MFC-J69


System Requirements:

*Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit editions only)
*Internet Explorer 11 or higher
*500 MB of free disk space
*Additional Notes:
iCiTi Demo
Jettis is an action-adventure platformer designed to be played by both casual and hardcore gamers.
In Jettis you play as an astronaut on a mission to the distant planet Jettis. While exploring you’ll