Ninja 3 The Domination Hd 1080p 720p Torrent


Ninja 3 The Domination Hd 1080p 720p Torrent

the home video revolution is another defining aspect of the period, and ninja iii was part of its early eruption. the films stint on the big screen wasnt a financial failure, but it did disappoint compared to the outbreak of cannon blockbusters at the time. on september 14, 1984, cannon released ninja iii, as well as exterminator 2. both were the highest charting new films of the week, but ninja debuted in seventh place (and exterminator 2 in 10th), unable to surpass longstanding summer holdouts including the karate kid, purple rain, revenge of the nerds, and ghostbusters, which claimed the number one slot that weekend, fifteen weeks after its opening. ninja iiis theatrical run lasted only four weeks, and it hit the rental shops eight months later, on may 25, 1985, amid the first major boom in the home video market. ( vcr ownership tripled between 83 and 85.) the movie remained on the top 40 rentals chart for two and a half months, catering to an emerging taste for casual home entertainment that maintains the unfiltered content of the big screen.

who have turned the world upside down with their unbridled passion for martial arts, and their unrivaled skills as ninja warriors? the clan of the scorpion!

the world is in chaos. a mysterious ninja clan called the clan of the scorpion has invaded the twin cities of london and paris, and the entire planet is on the brink of anarchy. the ninja meerkats of the clan of the scorpion are the heroes, and their mission is to fight back against their evil nemesis, the ringmaster. but the ringmaster is a master of mayhem and mischief, and he is using his henchmen to pull off the ultimate heist. only the grandmaster of the clan of the scorpion, jet flashfeet, can stop him!

ninja flashfeet, chuck cobracrusher, donnie dragonjab, and bruce willowhammer.. together they are the clan of the scorpion!

are you ready for the ultimate fighting force? can you stop the evil mastermind? buy this book now!

anyway, the whole thing is just really weird. at the beginning of the movie, some dude is telling the audience about how ninjas are trained to kill you. well, it seems like you’re supposed to understand that this character has been trained to be a ninja. he’s already killed people by ninja standards. but, in this movie, it’s just a „he’s pretending to be a ninja”. at this point, it’s just a small thing that’s a minor plot point. it’s a part of his journey, and he’s just pretending to be a ninja. it’s like, „yeah, he’s pretending to be a ninja. he’s just pretending to be a ninja. he’s pretending to be a ninja.” it’s really confusing. there’s nothing in the movie that makes it clear that this character has actually been trained to be a ninja. it’s just an odd introduction to a character that’s just pretending to be a ninja.
the whole ninja theme is pretty well established at this point, so that’s not the problem. the problem is that the movie is just kind of incompetent at the theme. there’s no „becoming a ninja” sequence. there’s no voice lessons. there’s no training. there’s no whole ninja thing. the whole ninja theme is just thrown in there and then immediately taken out. so, the movie is just a confused mess of ninjas, and it’s not really clear how it all connects. there’s no real theme. the theme is a man pretending to be a ninja.
the stunt sequences are interspersed with a couple of bouts of live-action comedy that are the worst of cannon’s career. for example, there’s a scene where baddie david chung gets his tattoo artist to miss out the word kill on the „k” in his name. the funny part is that the tattoo artist gets the tattoo just the way he ordered it, despite chung’s multiple demands for change. the filmmakers also get carried away with a monty python-style joke involving a guy who gets his head shaved when he falls asleep during a porno film. finally, there’s a scene where the evil ninja, who also happens to be david chung’s brother, is shown making a living as a stripper. alas, no one finds it amusing.