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New! MTS TOPCAM Full Versionl

the psv software is the heart of every polytec full-field vibration measurement system. this comprehensive software package allows the fast and simple acquisition, display and editing of vibration measurement data gathered with all psv scanning vibrometers, the msa micro system analyzer series for microscopic observations or the automated structural test station robovib.

machining training solutions has transformed the training of thousands of organizations, including fortune 500 corporations, small companies, and technical schools with targeted, powerful software packages in mekams, millturnsim, topcam, topcat, topturn and topmill.

our focus is to ensure that our content completely addresses industry-recognized knowledge requirements. machining training solutions activities focus firstly on the software packages presented here: mekams, millturnsim, topcam, topcat, topturn and topmill, representing the results of 25 years continued further development, and secondly, on project-oriented.

psv qtec scanning vibrometers take full-field vibration mapping to the next level with unrivalled optical sensitivity! their innovative, patented qtec technology uses multi-path interferometry based on infrared (swir) laser granting high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces. psv qtec significantly reduce testing time – especially on dark, biological, rotating or moving objects, determining operational deflection shapes and eigenmodes for nvh, acoustics, structural dynamics, ultrasonics, fem validation and ndt.

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This modular, turn-key, fully integrated, aluminum testing system offers maximum flexibility for versatile vibration testing. It’s the preeminent field measurement solution for all defect detection and ultrasonic inspection applications. Designed to maximize productivity, the MSA analyzer series records vibration signals with a high signal-to-noise ratio in the frequency range from 2 to 200 kHz in three dimensions. Recordings include operating deflections, Eigenmodes and small load variations. It uses a laser micrometer to measure displacements and a laser opto-acoustic technique to detect pressure changes. The analyzer is capable of both in-situ and ex-situ applications with its clear and undistorted wave shape matching well with PZT detection instruments.
No other laser probe is so accurate and precise for full-field testing. Our ultra-robust AUTO algorithm and non-contact micrometer measurement guarantee measurement accuracy of up to 0.002 mm with precise and consistent readings on moving surfaces. With this laser probe we deliver the most accurate test results possible for dynamic measurements. This unique and patented Autogram™ technology is based on three-dimensional laser vibrometry. With this robust system you will know right away if there is something wrong with your product. It even works when a product is on the assembly line or the line is moving.
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