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Modde 9.1 Umetrics.30

modde 9.1 is a component-based application which can be used in any data based project. here is a short description of how it can be used:
• start a new project by selecting “start modde project” on the toolbar.
• if you want to work on existing data, select “open existing modde project”.
• if you want to work on a new project, simply click “new modde project”.
• select the components that you want to use for your project (i can only select predefined components).
• the software will generate a component model for you.
• select the options you want for the component model. you can add new variables, new input and new output variables. you can also select the references that are necessary to link the components.
• save your project and you can now start to work on it.
• in case you have questions regarding a specific component, you can always go back to the component’s definition and ask a question there.

an option to save the component model so it can be used in future projects has been implemented. this makes it possible to re-use a modde project which you have already worked on.

please note that the application does not check for project dependencies. to use a project which has been created by somebody else, you need to manually check for project dependencies.

the application also provides an option to set up a continuous build process. this way you can get an automatic notification if someone changes something in your project.

we hope that you find the new modde 9.1 a useful tool for your next projects. if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

andreas lorenz