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Some new strats include: Noise Marines: This replaces the combi bolter relic with noise marines. On a 6+ hit any unit in the red sphere is hit on a 6. This is amazing and makes this strat really affect the game. Noise Marines are undefeatable and add up to strats. Kill Order: The kill order strat requires 3 heroes. When playing this strat you will have 3 heroes that cost 1 cp in empire and 3 spare heroes. Every turn the emperor shoots and picks and chooses which powers to pick from. This is amazing as the emperor can spam away at his advantages and pick powers that can change the game if you are losing. Undead Hunters: This strat requires 5 heroes. The halflings you can count on to survive, but the space marines add a lot of firepower and are total game changers. Maxed out Legion: This strat is the most fun. It requires 6 heroes. The devils pick up wmds. Then you have the choice of picking out your maxed out heroes. My fav is raven. The psykers can spam out lethal psychic power. In the melee you are in da game. This strat is a must for every player that wants to kick ass.

I did not even mention that the character stats are much more detailed then they use to be. They look more like their cod counterpart. The Space marines can use Sharpshooter, and the devil is just a normal psyker. The stratagems are also incredible. Its still in beta but its incredible. Some of my favs are: Side note: The Devil can now break any models by shooting it with no wounds on him. Night mode: Its just amazing. On a 6 its a 1d4 hit on all models. On a 7 its a 2 hit on all. On a 8 it a 3 hit on all models. Side note: This is actually a nerf to the vixen relic because vixens are better than an eternals. If one of the vixen relic can now take out 2 monsters. The eternals can do it in one. Side note 2: The psykers can now use their powers at 1. Side note 3: The devils can now use their powers on any models and not just their targets. These really change the game play of legion. I would suggest getting this mod as soon as possible.

Perks will be unlocked for you automatically when you reach at least Level 30. They are given out based on your legion and reputation level. If youre playing a Chaos Space Marine Legion, as you would expect from the name, you have access to more perks. Through the use of the Perk Management, you can decide which ones you want. You can have up to 50 perks in your list. What you have to remember is that when you equip a Perk, youll also equip an associated Talent that belongs to the same clan. More on that below. Along with managing Perks, you can also assign Perks to their specific units and direct them to perform specific actions. For example, if you want a Dozer to attack all enemy models with heavy weaponry in a specific area, you can set that up on the Perk Management. If you feel that your troops are underperforming and you want to give them more offensive options, you can do that on the Perk Management as well.Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rumors above!They arent new, but as a rules update (so when they enter the game) these are pretty cool abilities! You can also see this when you buy them as their base stats aren’t really cool. But after you upgrade them, things turn out well!Heres all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k. All New Chaos Space Marines Rules & Rumors Chaos Datasheets Rules Chaos Space Marines Psychic Powers, Stratagems & Relics Prayers, Army-Wide Rules & Secondary Objectives Rules All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022 What do you want to see in an update Do you think these new Chaos Space Marines Codex legion rules and rumors are trueLet us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group, or our new Discord server, and make sure you enter the latest monthly giveaway for FREE today!