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Jovial Memos Product Key is a lightweight, portable application that enables you to create memos on your computer without difficulty. Its simple interface and intuitive functions add to its overall simplicity and the password-protection option makes it a reliable asset.
It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a lightweight application that will make it simple to create a memo without using any third-party programs.
Jovial Memos main function is to enable you to create simple memos that will automatically be created and stored on your computer.
It can be easily used to track your favorite football team or even create a reminder for upcoming meetings. In short, it is a simple application that will make it easy for you to create memos you can easily access anytime you want.
What are you waiting for? Download Jovial Memos now and start creating your memos without delay!

The Active Desktop Colorizer is a little piece of
software that will remove all the blue from your desktop, so that you can see
the color and style of your desktop wallpaper. In short, once you start the
Active Desktop Colorizer application, the only color of your desktop will be
your wallpaper. The best part of this application is that you can customize
the look of the desktop.
Apart from giving you the option to change
the background color of your desktop, you can even change the color of your
icons and many other color-related options. The size of your desktop can be
changed as well, allowing you to make your desktop as wide or as small as you
In addition, this application has a useful
toolbar that will help you change the appearance of your desktop, right
click on the wallpaper image and you will get to customize the colors,
details, and other aspects of your wallpaper.
Apart from its great feature, the Active
Desktop Colorizer is very simple to use and is very lightweight. It can be
installed and used on any Windows computer. If you want to change the desktop
with the required level of customization, then we highly recommend you to try
out the Active Desktop Colorizer.
Key Features:
All you need to do to install the Active
Desktop Colorizer is to click on the download button, go to the location where
you downloaded the file and double-click on it. This will start the installation
process and you are good to go.
The Active Desktop Colorizer application
has a simple interface that

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Hive – Remote backup and synchronization for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac computers

Windows 10’s newly upgraded File Explorer is an elegant way to browse your files in Windows 10.
However, it may sometimes become useful to use the Windows Explorer, which is the default file manager of your operating system.
With the aim to offer users the best solutions, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you choose between the two users of the file manager.
Easy search in Windows Explorer
As mentioned, the File Explorer comes with a modern and elegant interface that makes file management an easy process. However, it is possible to perform various actions if you prefer the old-fashioned Windows Explorer.
To do this, it is possible to access the same File Explorer from the Windows taskbar in two ways:
From the Windows taskbar, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for folders. Alternatively, you can type the name of the folders that you want to find into the Search bar on the top right corner.

However, if you prefer to use the shortcut on the Start menu, then you will need to click the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the Start menu and search for the folders.
However, this search shortcut is not very convenient as you need to know the path of your folders and to open the folder’s Properties to proceed with searching.
Instead, it is possible to rely on File Explorer’s Jump Lists. This new way to integrate the features of the application directly into the Start menu makes it easier to search for your folders.
Jumping directly into the folders from the Start menu with help from the Jump Lists is possible by opening the top-right corner menu, clicking on the Jump Lists option and selecting one of the folders that you want to browse.
Resize your windows
With the Windows’ built-in resizing function, it is possible to resize the window by dragging the corners and resizing the window with a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x or 9x ratio.
However, if you use Windows 10’s Zoom feature, then it is possible to zoom and stretch the window by simply pressing the CTRL key and pressing the plus or minus key.
Organize your files the way you want
The ability to create your own folders makes Windows Explorer customizable. You can create and customize the folder structure as you prefer, which is an important

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Remembrance Notes gives you a digital, memory device that gives you the ability to write on the computer without the use of a pen and paper.
When you open your first memo, you will be asked to enter the memo location so that you can easily find your memos.
Your first memo will be stored in the temp folder of your PC.
If you will close the memo, you can move it to the primary file location to save it for future reference.
Jovial Remembrance notes enables you to create a secondary file type so that you can locate your notes even more easily.
By ticking the Private checkbox, you can make a memo private and if you will open a memo, it will be converted into a PDF format.

Jovial Remembrance Notes Questions and Answers:

Q: What is Jovial Remembrance Notes?

A: Jovial Remembrance Notes is an application, which can be used to create memos on the computer. With this software, you can create and store simple memos on your computer without the need of a pen and paper.

Q: What is the price of Remembrance Notes?

A: Remembrance Notes is available for free for personal use and is available for legal download.

Q: How to install Remembrance Notes?

A: Remembrance Notes is available for legal download. It is free for personal use. You can easily get it from

Q: How to open the file?

A: Remembrance Notes is a very simple software and the first thing that you will need to do is click on the Open button in the Remembrance Notes.
This will open a new folder on your computer.

Q: How to create and save a note?

A: To create a note, simply click on the New button in the Remembrance Notes software.
It is a very simple process and you will be asked to create a memo and then type it in the memo box.

Q: How to remove the memos?

A: In the program, you can save your memos in two ways. You can either export the memos as a PDF or simply delete the existing memos.
Remembrance Notes allows you to backup your memos in a convenient way so that you can easily find them again.

jovial has a simple interface

What’s New in the?

Jovial Memos: memo and note maker. Created with a simple interface.The popular PayPal innovation CEO Dan Schulman met with an unnamed member of the European Parliament on Tuesday to discuss several topics including digital currencies.

Schulman has been promoting the plan of integrating the altcoin XRP into PayPal’s payments system. He claims that it was because of his meeting with the Parliament member that he suddenly got the urge to switch over.

„I’ve been thinking, well, if I ever move back to Europe, I will have an in-person meeting with whoever’s in charge over there, and I said, ‘Oh, I think that’s a mistake because I can actually make a difference.'”

Meanwhile, the tech company has already plans to integrate the crypto system. Schulman added that they were still deciding on a final date.

„There are several options available in addition to that,” he said. „But I think we can agree now that it’ll be in spring or early summer of 2019. If I can get the timing right, we’ll know then. And if the timing is off, then we’ll move it.”

Schulman also divulged the future development of cryptocurrency with regard to the payment system and that it was inevitable.

„You can’t prevent the day when everyone has a blockchain wallet, and it looks just like a bank account, and you use a cryptocurrency. I think it’s inevitable. I think the bank cards will eventually be the blockchain.”

The American entrepreneur went on to speak about the increasing war between the traditional and crypto currency.

„The other side of that is that we still believe that the traditional financial system is a good thing and we need that as a backstop, because when it goes bad, you have a Federal Reserve, you have the option to take your money out and be given a loan by the government, and it all works. Bitcoin is just another financial instrument like a bond, like treasury bonds. You can cash it in. It’s a new way to make currency.”

A previous statement by the Ripple CEO revealed that he was considering to push for the adoption of the altcoin. In mid-May, Schulman shared an idea about a future where „all currency will be digital, and your bank account might be a digital wallet”.

He further elaborated:Ce contenu a bien été ajouté à vos favoris dans

System Requirements:

Requires OS: Windows 7 64bit
OS Language: English
OS Version: 5.0.18362.2 Build 18362 SP1
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core, 2.4 GHz Quad Core
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 11 support with latest drivers
Hard Disk: 16 GB free space
Input Devices: Keyboard & Mouse
Network Connections: Broadband Internet Connection
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