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Is there a way to temporarily disable attribute rails-5

I have made a model with a boolean attribute set to true, and I need to test that it doesn’t do anything.
class Test false
def enabled?
return false

I’ve read I can do this with can can, but not sure it this is the right way to go or not and not sure about the accepted way to disable attribute in Rails. Can I just set it to false?
I do not need the attribute or the boolean attribute on the model.


A quicker solution without having to specify model names (Using schema.rb file) is the following:
def enable?
!(self.enabled &&!

But the next logic will make a migration and be executed on every change on the attributes:
validates :enabled, :presence => false

Here you are trying to validate an attribute of a model that is not defined.
If you do not need an attribute, use the new index.html.erb template:

# Your code

More info here


MacVim and Command line apps

I’m using MacVim to edit documents on a command line. I hate it because I have to manually resize the window each time I edit a large document. I’d like to stop the window from shrinking if it goes above a certain size.
When I have a command line Mac