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Among the many Photoshop plugins that can be found on the Internet, this one is an all-in-one solution. It enables users to generate randomly colored abstract images, arrange them on a canvas, and even put them in various shapes.

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Adobe Photoshop




Hue and Cry Review

Hue and Cry offers a lot of options for users to customize their content. It can be used to generate artworks for digital artists or photo manipulation. It can also be a boon for graphic designers who can use it to create cool collages and textures, which can then be integrated into their works.
The app can be used for creating artworks that look stunning on any theme and in any resolution. It contains many different settings that aid in generating interesting images that are aesthetically pleasing. Overall, it offers a decent tool for users who would like to take their Photoshop skills to the next level. Its unique features would greatly benefit experienced users as well as those who are new to the field.

Hue and Cry

Adobe Photoshop




Hue and Cry Pricing

The price for this software is quite affordable. It costs only $4. Yes, that’s right, only $4. Considering the amount of features it offers, you can easily justify buying it.
One of the notable features of this plugin is the ability to randomize the colors used to generate an image. This is one of its unique selling points. It’s quite easy to use, but it may not work for everyone. Some users have complained about a small bug with this app. The music that is played when using it may also be annoying for some, especially if they don’t like listening to music while doing design work.
If you are a designer who works on a regular basis with Adobe Photoshop, then this is definitely worth checking out. You can also consider Hue and Cry to be a good add-on to your skill-set, especially if you are a beginner.Q:

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Hue and Cry is a plugin that generates new random colorized abstract content using Photoshop’s clone stamp and filter effects. It can come in handy for users that are interested in photo manipulation or graphic designers.

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Hue and Cry is a plugin developed for Adobe Photoshop users that would like to generate random colorized abstract content and integrate it into their projects. It can come in handy for users that are interested in photo manipulation or graphic designers.
Since it is not a standalone component, installing it on the target computer and executing it as well require a host application, in this case, Adobe Photoshop. Deploying it can be done by unpacking the archive it comes packed in and placing the contents in the Plug-Ins folder of Adobe Photoshop. Usually, the folder can be found in C:Program FilesAdobe PhotoshopPlug-Ins.
It is worth mentioning that the application needs to be closed when installing the plugin or restarted afterward so that the component can be loaded as intended. After installation, the plugin can be accessed via the Plugins category from the Effects menu.
Hue and Cry’s main window provides users with two sections, a form and a color one. Each of them shelters a handful of adjustable slider bars that enable users to customize their content according to their needs. Users can modify settings for overlapping, softness, warping, complexity, zoom, color, hue, stripes, doublure, stripe kind and merging type. Randomizing the result can be done by clicking the dice button.

Hue and Cry Features
Randomizing the result can be done by clicking the dice button.
Overlapping, softness, warping, complexity, zoom, color, hue, stripes, doublure, stripe kind and merging type.
Applying the settings for Randomizing the result can be done by clicking the Randomize button.
Selecting a specific effect type from the drop down list on the right sidebar.
Modify the settings for Randomizing the result can be done by clicking the Randomize button.
Fitting the colors and values for each layer individually.
Non-destructive image blending to achieve non-pixelated results.
Supporting 8, 16, 256 and 256 with 16 bits.
Selecting a specific effect from the drop down list on the right sidebar.
Host Application:
Photoshop 5.0 and Above.

Reference Links:
Wand –
Random –

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What’s New In?

Hue and Cry was born as a concept of Rychard B. Melanson. Rychard B. Melanson is a professional graphic designer and founder of BlueRain Productions.

Hue and Cry was developed to serve as a complement to his other ongoing graphic design work and to produce useful graphics for internal use on various websites. It was also developed with a view to producing portfolio graphics for clients.

The simple concept behind Hue and Cry is to take a current Photoshop abstract gradient, replete with a random change, and merge it with another gradient such that the key difference is the color change.

The process of generating random color content often results in a unique, one-of-a-kind theme. Hue and Cry can also be used to produce colorized content for use in various clients’ projects.

All of the different color variations, as well as existing pre-made colorizations, can be saved and saved to disk.

Hue and Cry uses a color-changing effect that uses a random color every X amount of time. This allows for the production of random color content, and much more.

All of the settings can be modified on the fly. This allows the designer to take advantage of the settings for those working situations where the amount of time they have to produce the content varies.

The process of producing random color content can be easily set up through the user interface.

A nice touch is a randomizer feature, located in the form section, that allows the content to be randomized on-the-fly for quick, effective production of random color content.

A cool and familiar feature that provides a way to set up the process is an option to set a recurring pattern that would allow for a quick and efficient production of random content.

In the form section, a one-click button is available to output the generated random content to a folder of your choice.

Hue and Cry comes packed in a zipped archive file.

In the Plug-Ins folder of your Adobe Photoshop system, the application is usually found.

Additional information:

This is a standalone component and does not require any host application in order to operate.

This component doesn’t bring any binary files along with the application, only text files that contain instructions and settings to configure the component.

The component requires a License.txt file to configure settings and activate the plugin.

Hue and Cry’s installation is simple, it requires no

System Requirements For Hue And Cry:

ZODIAC: Powered by Playcloud
No CDs – You will need to have USB Drive with OS 9.0 installed on it, OR You can use ZODIAC: Powered by Playcloud to install.
ZODIAC (Powered by TUTUAPP): Required Full Version OS 9.0 or Higher. (iPhone and iPod Touch)
ZODIAC (Powered by Playcloud): Required Full Version OS 9.0 or Higher. (iPhone and

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