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Over the years, many online platforms have emerged that offer free software downloads. Some are just like the links we’ve provided, but most of them provide interesting features and extras as well as tools to search their directories. With this site, one can get a list of software that is not listed on the most popular download sites, but it is also a very entertaining one.

The founders couldn’t have named a platform where copyrighted content is illegally distributed better than this in my view. This website has its name in the world of piracy not just because it has been there a long time but also because of its usefulness to its users. Though officially it has been blocked and closed by the authorities when its creators were found guilty in their court trial, the website like all pirate sites is still accessible through proxy websites.

I recently got into malware scanning. The way I discovered it was by scanning an infected drive. That will be the most common way your drive is infected. Maybe it was a windows update, or a disk with your antivirus and download software. Its pretty simple, download a program that looks suspicious or tells you to download something, which you didn’t intend on downloading. Imagine the bad thing you will get if you download and run it. Thats what it is!

Theres a few different ways you can download a pkg file. You can go to an official site, go to a shady website, or you can download from an FTP. You can also use an rar file (suitable for games, videos, and just in general) and you can use a bittorrent file. I think this is the easiest way to do it, for various reasons. Its easy to do, is free, and lets you download from a directory of files.