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If you want some particular software or game, but in some way you cant use the official site of the product, then you can check PirateBay. Here you can find tons of cracked versions that are often full and tested. It isnt a general way to download or share software illegally but only a place to download cracked versions.

I downloaded the newest version of „Battle of Wesnoth_1.10” from this website:, after the installation i couldn’t run the game from the start button or menu, since it doesn’t start. I also tried a trick which is mentioned in the installation section „Method 1: Install with Steam”, when I type the command „C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\battle of wesnoth\wesnoth.exe” directly after the installation of the game, the game opens with all the graphics, but it seems that it isn’t the latest version, since it isn’t playable in the game. What can I do in this situation? Where I can find the latest version of „Battle of Wesnoth_1.10”?

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