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There are several game portals and search results which you can list on your website. Most importantly, you should provide a tutorial on how to use the game portal. Doing so will assist the visitors of your site in finding the game which they are searching for, and keep your website from looking like a failure.

Theres only a few sites that allow you to download the game directly from the website. The best way to do that is going to It also has a list of the best sites you can use to get some money (paid downloads) and it can offer you some direct downloads for the game if they are not in the list.

After poking around on the Internet for some time, I found a site that claims to offer cracked games for free. But they’re all limited to Windows XP/Vista. And not all of them are available for download right now. I downloaded about 12 different games and none of them worked. 

Hello guys, APKpure is a site to download cracked apps using Android’s SDK or using APKPure’s own cracked method. APKPure claims that they cracked all apps and games available for free with just a few clicks.