FTL – Faster Than Light Advanced Edition 1.5.13 GOG Cheat Codes !LINK! 💾

FTL – Faster Than Light Advanced Edition 1.5.13 GOG Cheat Codes !LINK! 💾


FTL – Faster Than Light Advanced Edition 1.5.13 GOG Cheat Codes

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another thing that the data suggested was that text size had a clear effect on performance: big text was easier to read than small text, both in the dark and in the light. however, text color and background color had no effect whatsoever.

but in the light, there was one odd result: dark text was easier to read than light text in light mode, but in dark mode it was the other way around. the reason for this is that dark text and light text work in different ways on the human eye: light text is easier to read because it is more luminous, while dark text is easier to read because it makes the eyes less sensitive to ambient light. this is why your eyes become less tired when you are reading something in the dark than when you are reading something in the light: there is more ambient light in the dark, so your eyes need less to adjust for that light.

the gta 5 has often been lauded for its in depth story mode and its realism, but beyond the trivial dialogue and car physics, it has not had much success with cheats. the most useful cheat codes are for xbox 360 and pc only, and youll need to use them with the game currently installed on your console.

as well as showing that waves can travel faster than the speed of light, de rhams research was later used to debunk the famous firewalls theory, according to a post on gamasutra. the theory posited that a firewall couldn’t exist in the universe because the speed of light is the only thing that can go faster than itself. de rhams research showed that if the universe were filled with ‘wavy space’ (as the theory proposed), then this would enable light waves to travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, providing an opening for the firewall theory to be true.
and if this sounds a bit too much like quantum physics, well it is, de rham said, because everything in physics is ultimately based on quantum mechanics, the principles of which can be demonstrated by the double slit experiment.
since we looked at a particle-like example of waves traveling faster than the speed of light, it might be interesting to look at the light wave version, de rham continued in the gamasutra post. in a medium, unlike the vacuum, the speed of the different wavelengths of light will be different. these will be called ‘dispersion’. the different colors of light that the medium can support is called its bandwidth, de rham wrote. different media will support different bandwidths.
the dispersion and bandwidths of some known media might be plotted on a graph, the gamasutra post said. it’s also possible to design materials that deliberately bend light. this has been realized with commercial products like faraday rotation materials, de rham wrote. light passing through these materials is bent, which we can exploit to manipulate the original light.