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If you have not yet decided on a way of mirroring your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch to your computer, stumbling upon an application such as FonePaw ScreenMo could come in handy. The application is capable of capturing content from your iOS device’s screen so that you can view it in parallel, on your computer, all without investing any effort into the entire matter. Helps you mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your PC First of all, regarding the software utility’s appearance, it is worth mentioning that it bundles a limited set of features so that you only focus on what is really important. The first step you need to take in order to establish a connection between your iOS device and your computer is enable AirPlay, also known as Screen mirroring on iOS 11, which is possible by looking into your handset’s settings. It is important to note that a USB cable is not required in case you can create a Wi-Fi connection between the two devices. Once you have detected the application on your iPhone or iPad, you can start viewing your screen activity directly on your PC. As such, FonePaw ScreenMo could be a great tool if you want to view games and tutorials, or if you want to listen to the audio your phone produces. Can also record the activity on your iOS device Aside from that, it is worth bringing into discussion the fact that the program is also capable of recording all the content you mirror from your iOS device to your computer so that you can enjoy it at a later time. Other aspects you may want to know about include the possibility of optimizing the mirrored content for your PC’s screen resolution. The “Settings” section also allows you to change the Airplay Name as well as protect the connection with a password. On an ending note, FonePaw ScreenMo is a lightweight tool you can employ in order to record all sorts of content from your iDevice while also being able to view it in real-time on your computer screen. The program comes with a reasonable set of features and can be figured out in no time.







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With ScreenMo you can record the screen activity of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can record video, audio and screenshot. With ScreenMo you can record the screen activity of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can record video, audio and screenshot. The app can record a video while the iPhone is inactive and locked. ScreenMo will automatically start the recording when your iPhone screen is touched. You can tap to stop the recording. What’s New – 5.x Support for iOS 11 features (like AirPlay and Screen Sharing) – Optional auto shutdown for disconnected AirPlay devices – Tweaked UI for iOS 7 support – Add screen settings for screen recording – Update to latest version of AV Foundation – Add option to add/remove detail comments to the screen recording – Fix an issue that the monitor would turn off while using ScreenMo – Other small fixes and optimizations Permissions – Read phone status and identity: This permission is used for checking if your phone is locked, and preventing your screen from turning off. – Audio recording: We need this to record audio clips during screen recording, and to record any other audio that the phone makes. – Data Usage: We use this so that the app can monitor data usage while screen recording. – Communication: We use this so that the app can communicate with AirPlay devices in order to start and stop screen recording, and to provide an easy way to manually start screen recording FAQ Q: Why can’t I setup ScreenMo? A: You may need to restart your phone and turn off ScreenMo. If you still can’t then uninstall ScreenMo and try reinstalling. Q: I keep receiving notifications with screen recording is being displayed on ScreenMo, even though I haven’t touched my phone. Why is that? A: This has to do with the Bluetooth configuration of your device. Do you have AirPlay connected to your phone? Q: My AirPlay mirroring is buggy, why is that? A: There’s several reasons this could happen, one is that ScreenMo on iOS 9 or prior is not supported with iOS 11. (3rd party apps are usually broken) Q: How do I get my home screen back after the recording? A: Scroll down from the top of the screen and tap on your home screen, the 2 dots will slide up and you will get your home screen back. Q: How do I start the recording?

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FonePaw ScreenMo is a software application that enables you to display the contents of your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch on your computer screen, without the need of a USB cable. The software utility is not an emulator. It does not replace your iOS device’s hardware in order to display an image on your PC’s screen. What it does is simply show the content you can view only on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch. In case you are wondering, why would you want to display your phone’s content on your computer, the program is capable of recording the activity on your iOS device in real-time. Because of this, you can just look at your phone’s screen, and later on, play the corresponding contents on your PC’s screen. FonePaw ScreenMo Features: 1. The program supports Android devices too. 2. Share your recorded content to video streaming services like Vimeo or YouTube. 3. Has a limited set of features which make the tool easy to use. 4. Has a USB cable-less connection between the two devices. 5. Permits you to display the contents of your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch on your computer. 6. Can record the activity on your iOS device in real-time. 7. Automatically zooms into your screen. 8. Has a password protection mechanism. 9. Has a streamlined interface. 10. Has a built-in Settings section where you can set how the captured content will be displayed on your PC’s screen. FonePaw ScreenMo Main Features: 1. Airplay support. 2. Support for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch 3. Support for games, video tutorials, and tutorials 4. Optional zooming support. 5. Permits you to automatically zoom into your screen 6. Has a simple and clean interface. 7. Has a built-in video recorder. How to Install and use FonePaw ScreenMo? 1. Download the latest FonePaw ScreenMo on your computer from the link below. 2. Transfer the app file to your desktop (or the drive that you want to use to save the file). 3. Click on the file you have transferred to your computer and then click “Run” to start the installation. 4. Navigate to the 3a67dffeec

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FonePaw ScreenMo is a screen capture app for iPad or iPhone. It’s free and easy to use! Capture, play, record or play and record simultaneously all movies, tutorial and other movies on your device. It is very easy and simple to use. You can capture the screens / videos with no effort, or as you see fit. Furthermore, it’s not a small app. It’s a powerful screen capture app with lots of functions. What’s New in this version: • New: Pre-Load function. When you choose to „Record from” / „Play from”, you can also choose „pre-Load” to pre-load videos, which is great when you want to create a recording session. • Improved: Improve existing app bugs and errors and add more features. Functions 1. Capture • Touch the home screen or App list and you’ll see the Home icon to capture the Home screen or App list as a pannel. • Touch the Capture icon, you’ll see the „start capture” popup, you can choose what will be captured. • What will be captured: capture all content and the menu for you to choose the capture. • You can make the screen capture of the whole screen and make video of a single page. • There are four capture modes: 1. Fast capture 2. Full capture 3. Show capture 4. Full-screen capture 5. Touch a screenshot or an image to capture it. • You can make a „copy” of the screens/videos to: • The My Drive/Applications • To Email • File Manager • Dropbox/OneDrive • Google Drive/iCloud 6. You can make a screen capture of any location in your device such as Home Screen, App List or Screen Mode: • When touch the Home icon, you can choose to record a whole Home Screen, App List or Screen Mode. • If you want to record any scenes on your App List, you just need to touch the scene and „Record screen”. • If you want to record the whole screen, you must touch the „Show All” icon and „Record screen”. 7. You can adjust the size and the resolution of the screenshot or video you make: • You can adjust the size of the video that you make: If you want to record only the content on your home screen, you can choose the size

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FonePaw ScreenMo is a no-frills but a very powerful tool for recording content from the iPhone, iPad, and the iPad Touch. The application is capable of capturing content from your iOS device’s screen so that you can view it in parallel, on your computer, all without investing any effort into the entire matter. More Software Like FonePaw ScreenMo: FonePaw ScreenMo FAQ: Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements of FonePaw ScreenMo? A: The program requires an Intel- or ARM-based processor, so you are pretty safe if your machine is equipped with one. However, if you do not have the right hardware, FonePaw ScreenMo will automatically detect it and adjust the settings accordingly. Furthermore, the FonePaw ScreenMo software is highly responsive, even when operated on an older computer, and it supports a resolution range of 800×600, 1024×768, 1200×720, and a resolution of 1600×1200. Q: How much storage space is FonePaw ScreenMo going to need? A: The application only needs an average of 60 MB of space on your hard drive so you don’t really have to worry about that. The storage space will be freed once the program has finished recording the content from your iOS device. Q: Is FonePaw ScreenMo safe to use? A: Well, it is always safe to opt for software that does not pose risks and tends to have the highest ROI and ROA. Even when it is free, you can always take advantage of software installation trials, as long as the trial has given you enough time to inspect and decide on the software’s reputation. Furthermore, FonePaw ScreenMo is perfectly safe so long as you do not need to connect the software to the internet. Q: What do I need to do in order to record and play back iOS content? A: In order to record the content from the iOS device, you need to turn on the “Save to disk” option. You can enable/disable the “Record in offline mode” by tapping on the checkbox. To play back the content, you need to turn the “Run from disk” option off so that the recorded content gets saved on the device itself. As far as the quality is concerned, the quality level of the content is manually adjustable. Q: How

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-Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system -Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (all 32-bit and 64-bit) -2GB of RAM -9GB of available space on hard drive -DirectX 9.0c or higher Recommended: -Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (all 32-bit and 64-bit) -4GB of RAM -16GB of available space on hard drive