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The team also introduced „FIFA Insights,” an in-game feature that provides real-time information about the condition of the pitch, allowing players to make informed tactical decisions.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ is the largest FIFA event in history, with 20 teams from around the world aiming to claim the title, including England, France, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.

FIFA World Cup™ 2018 is live

June 14: Pre-purchase now

June 14: Pre-purchase now June 21: World Cup kick-off

June 14: World Cup kick-off June 27: World Cup final

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Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces «FIFA ZONE», an all-new feature that allows players to progress through any mode in FIFA with higher difficulty settings.
  • New tactics system makes picking the right formation and tactics for any team easier than ever.
  • New Players Control lets you control the ball and players like never before, from goalkeepers to attackers.
  • Camera angles have been redesigned to allow players more freedom and tactical options.
  • “MatchDay” feature lets you relive your favourite moments from the end of the game.
  • Live in 360 brings the intensity of pure Madden to life.
  • Store introduces new purchases and in-game reward options

FIFA 22 introduces, „HyperMotion™ Technology,” the world’s first system that leverages player movements, based on real training data, for more fluid and powerful gameplay. Every movement players make across the pitch is captured and simulated.


  • FIFA World Cup™ sees the most diverse spread of gameplay features in FIFA history.
  • The Ultimate Team is back with more live content, new ideas and features and a tradeable player card to boot.
  • Career Mode is back with a revamped design and all new playable careers.
  • FIFA 18 moves to a new franchise model and splits into 11 international game modes and many more local modes.
  • The first ever competitive iOS game – FIFA Ultimate Team Offline.


Fifa 22 Full Product Key Free

FIFA is a completely new way to play football. It’s a gameplay innovation that rewards players for their ability to dictate the rhythm of the game. It’s a way of making you feel like a real footballing god with tactics, timing and strategy needed to play the game.

How does it work?

You can experience the game in four ways: playing in a match, taking shots on target, engaging in 1 v 1 matches or entering custom tournaments. These new modes make FIFA the most balanced game ever.

1. Playing in a match

This is a single player experience so there are no team mates to distract you. You play in a cut scene where you customise your team and compete against friendlies or your real life club. Over a series of matches you earn experience points (XP) to level up your team and unlock new cards. As you win matches you build your momentum, which you use to challenge your rivals online.

In order to level up, you can either win matches, build a profile and sign in with friends or watch an interesting match. Also, if you reach a high level you can challenge your friends for a match.

2. Taking shots on target

This is a single player experience so there are no team mates to distract you. You play in a cut scene where you customise your team and aim at a series of targets. If you score the most goals, you earn XP to level up. As you take shots on target you earn XP to level up, unlock new cards, spend better players and level up your star players. You can also earn achievements and medals for your game stats, keepers saves and items.

This mode is available during the training session, on the bench, or in custom tournaments.

3. 1 v 1

This is a multiplayer experience where you can play against friends, earn XP for each match, level up and unlock new cards. This mode can be played 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and even 3 vs 3. In 1v1, you can select 1 out of 5 different tactics. Also, in custom tournaments, you can create your own tournaments where you play against your friends or the whole world.

4. Custom tournaments

This is a multiplayer experience where you can play online or offline with your friends or the whole world. You play through a campaign until you reach a high level where you can challenge your peers


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Create your dream team of players and challenge friends around the world in the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team. Introducing a brand-new roster and abilities in FIFA 22.

Be the Best In the World – Live out your dreams as a manager in FIFA Ultimate Team. Create your dream squad of players and manage them to glory in the all-new Ultimate Team Manager.

As well as new features, FIFA 22 introduces a range of gameplay enhancements designed to enhance the overall FIFA gameplay experience.

Changes to momentum detection and the possession-meter have created a new pace of the game.

Impress your opponent by propelling your players with more shots and dribbles.

Discover new ways to beat defenders with new Smoothing and Disengage actions in dribbling.

Switch to one-on-ones faster, earn better free kicks and have more controllable set-pieces.

Introduces new contextual actions and contextual animations to make the game easier to understand.

Improved pace of the game means that players have to move faster. This results in dribbling being more important than ever.

Better Shots and Dribbles – New skills and contextual actions to improve dribbling.

The player class system – Players are now graded using their attributes and skills. Players receive a growing amount of experience with every game they play.

More tactical options – Visual information and information about the opponent can be displayed on the pitch.

New XP and ball physics mean that passes are more accurate.

Players are now harder to control when they are close to goal.

New offsides calls to better reflect the quality of the goalkeepers.

Improved defensive AI.

Create and play as a manager in Ultimate Team – Players that are in your squad can be reassigned to any position.

Create your dream squad and manage them to glory in the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team.

You are now graded using your attributes and skills, and are promoted or demoted accordingly.

New contextual actions and animations make the game easier to understand.

Shoot Hard – New contextual action to perfect your shooting technique.

The first FUT player ever – Your FUT player has been watching and growing since 2017. Through your game, FUT players will grow in confidence and abilities, eventually becoming a dominant force in FIFA.

SAFE & SECURE – Online matches can now be played both in game


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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