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Using one computer to share the web connection with other systems is still a cool gimmick. Etlin HTTP Proxy is one solution to creating an HTTP proxy server that can be used to allow web connectivity to other computers on the network.
Simple looks, powerful settings
At a first glance the application does not seem like a powerful tool as the main screen features only the possibility to start or stop the server and a door to the configuration panel.
Setting Etlin HTTP Proxy up is where the versatility and flexibility of the program resides as there are plenty of options for customizing how other stations interact with the server machine.
The program includes options that restrict connectivity to the server based on IP or on a username and password.
It allows the use of a SOCKS5 server for establishing TCP outgoing connections or for running the connection through another HTTP proxy server.
Further customization of the server refers to enabling tunneling support and restricting them to the SHTTP port; although using SHHTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is designed as a security measure, it is inferior to HTTPS because only the message benefits from encryption, not the entire session.
Control over the limits of the server can also be imposed. As such, Etlin HTTP Proxy enables setting a maximum number of allowed connections and bandwidth limits for each connection.
Once the Etlin HTTP Proxy is running the administrator can see the port it is active on along with additional information about the uptime, number of connections or number of requests. Also available is the total amount of data throughput, complete with transfer speed.
Etlin HTTP Proxy is not complicated and it is quite versatile as far as functionality is concerned. However, the need it covers applies only in isolated cases as most users have other, more efficient means to distribute the Internet connection to multiple machines.







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Etlin HTTP Proxy is a small, efficient HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy server application.

A virtual private network (VPN) connection provides a secure and private method of sharing resources such as the Internet with remote colleagues and the business world.
Increasingly businesses are looking to implement VPN solutions as a part of a complete security package covering Internet access, e-mail and online banking. VPNs are also a useful security solution in the corporate environment, providing a means of securing all wireless networks by acting as a firewall and allowing remote users to access sensitive company information without the risk of eavesdropping or data interception.
Using a VPN connection, more than one client can connect to a remote server. Once connected, the users can surf the web and download data over a secure connection as if they were connected to the host’s local network.
In addition, many administrators use a combination of IPSec and TCP/IP to create a more secure link with their remote clients.
One of the better-known VPN providers is openVPN. This free application supports a large number of protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, MS-CHAP and SSL/TLS.
Strong privacy aspects are built-in for data passing over a VPN connection.
Encryption protocols used on a VPN connection prevent eavesdropping on the communications. Data is scrambled, making it impossible for any third party to see it, and the server and client agree to use the relevant key.
Data is transferred using a protected connection. IPSec layers enable the exchange of secrets, such as a ‘session key’, which allows both sides of the connection to link together and encrypt the data passed between them.
With other protocols, the data is handed over in clear text. This means that the client is able to intercept and record the messages using nothing more than its own computer and a sniffer application.
In addition, with openVPN, user names and passwords are not required, and encrypted sockets are the default. This means that the integrity of the connection is guaranteed.
It is also possible to apply the encryption/decryption procedure to your entire network. It can be performed for all Internet data and via networked printers.
Strong security can be implemented simply using encryption. Once a user logs in to a VPN connection, the system is ready to go. No further configurations or restarts are required.
However, by default openVPN uses weak encryption. This makes data passing through the connection more vulnerable to interception and eaves

Etlin HTTP Proxy Crack+

Etlin HTTP Proxy Crack Mac is an HTTP proxy server for desktop computers.
It provides a server for serving static and dynamic pages and provides a means to set access rules for different hosts or sub-domains.
It’s lightweight and easy to use. A user can start and stop the server from the GUI without having to shell out scripts.

Etlin HTTP Proxy Cracked Version is an HTTP proxy server for desktop computers.
It provides a server for serving static and dynamic pages and provides a means to set access rules for different hosts or sub-domains.
It’s lightweight and easy to use. A user can start and stop the server from the GUI without having to shell out scripts.

Before Using
An Internet connection is required.
Configuration Instructions
Etlin HTTP Proxy begins with the user entering a valid userid and password. This is needed when starting the Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
After receiving the password, Etlin HTTP Proxy displays an IP address (see the System Settings page).
It is quite possible to have more than one Etlin HTTP Proxy server running at the same time, but it is not recommended.
The Etlin HTTP Proxy server’s default port is 8512.
However, other ports may be set using the Server Settings page.

As an HTTP proxy server, Etlin HTTP Proxy follows the HTTP specification and keeps track of data transferred between client and server.
Some of the fields in the main Etlin HTTP Proxy window (see screenshot) are as follows:
Manual: Enter your IP address (and here, you can specify the port on which Etlin HTTP Proxy is listening) and a userid and password.
The IP address is the IP address of Etlin HTTP Proxy’s server. The port to use depends on what you want to do – either make outbound HTTP connections, or make local HTTP connections that will be forwarded to Etlin HTTP Proxy’s server.
The userid and password are required only when starting the Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
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Etlin HTTP Proxy is still young but as a fast growing project it has left it’s mark on the Internet.

This software provides a way to run a web server for a LAN. The benefit is that it allows your LAN to behave as a LAN but it works as a web server. It is very easy to use but it’s limited in the ability that it provides

Etlin HTTP Proxy Product Key [Mac/Win]

Etlin HTTP Proxy is a simple web proxy server that allows you to share your Internet connection with your other computers on the network.
Supported protocols:
File Sharing
TCP tunneling
Username/Password authentication
Configuration is done from a simple text file that contains configuration options.
Advanced features:
Start/Stop the proxy service
Customizable Bandwidth limits for connections
Restrict bandwidth for specific protocols
Resize Bandwidth limits dynamically
Simple user interface
Basic security support
Rate limiting per user
Port forwarding
Tunneling support
1-Click installer
Etlin HTTP Proxy Features:
Etlin HTTP Proxy runs on any version of Windows, including Microsoft Windows, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
Data Files:
-i: self-extracting exe file
-r: web proxy service configuration file
Linux and Unix:
-i: tar.gz archive
-r: text file which contains the web proxy service config file
The demo version includes 5 concurrent connections.
IP based Auth:
-Hostname based user authentication
-IP Address based user authentication
Username/Password based user authentication
Sock5 support
Permanent tunnel:
-Performs remote-to-proxy tunneling for all protocols:
-Socks5: HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV
-HTTP: FTP (only in the stock edition)
-HTTPS: FTP (only in the stock edition)
-File Sharing: HTTP, FTP
Bandwidth Based Rate Limiting:
-Enabled by default in the stock edition
-Includes per protocol rate limits and bandwidth for upload and download
-Rate limits can be configured for different protocols, ports, etc.
-Default bandwidth (on the host):
-Bandwidth per user (per protocol):
-Bandwidth per connection (per protocol):
-Bandwidth per host (per protocol)
-Allow/deny protocol (possible values:
-Disable Bandwidth based rate limiting
-Bandwidth per user (possible values:
-Simple HTTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, FTP, File Sharing
-Moderated HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, FTP, File Sharing
File Sharing connections are limited by the

What’s New in the?

Etlin HTTP Proxy is an HTTP proxy server which allows you to share the internet connection via HTTP in order to access the Internet from other computers on your LAN. The application is easy to use, and it is compatible with Windows.
Download Etlin HTTP Proxy:
Clicking on the download link below will immediately cause your web browser to launch the program. The first screen that greets the user indicates that the Etlin HTTP Proxy installer should be downloaded.
Etlin HTTP Proxy Download:
The file that is downloaded when you click the link is an executable file. Double click on the file to begin the installation. The file will launch, and you will be brought to the Etlin HTTP Proxy setup utility. A brief explanation of the program will help you begin the installation, and the best way to carry out the process is from the text that is displayed as the installation process progresses.
Etlin HTTP Proxy – How to Install and Configure:
This application is very straightforward, and there are little to no configuration options. Instead, you will need to familiarize yourself with its configuration settings that are located in the Etlin HTTP Proxy Administrative Panel (see next section).
To start the installation process, simply press the Start button. Etlin HTTP Proxy will start the actual installation process. After completion, the progress window will close and the Etlin HTTP Proxy utility will restart.
Once the installation has finished, you are given the choice to either accept the default settings or to customize them. If you select the latter option, you will be brought to the Etlin HTTP Proxy settings window.
Etlin HTTP Proxy – The Etlin HTTP Proxy settings window:
Once you are in the Etlin HTTP Proxy settings window, the program’s functions can be customized as desired.
The following are the most important options you can customize:
• Address of the Etlin HTTP Proxy server. This must be set to
• List of other IPs on your network that you want to access via Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
• Port for the Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
• User name and password of an administrative account. The password must be supplied in plaintext.
• Port for administration.
• Port for Etlin HTTP Proxy socks server.
• Port for IP connectivity.
• Uptime of the Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
• Docking the Etlin HTTP Proxy server.
• Compression for Etlin HTTP proxy proxy.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5 (2.4GHz and faster) or AMD A10 (2GHz or faster) or better
Intel Core i5 (2.4GHz and faster) or AMD A10 (2GHz or faster) or better Memory: 8GB
8GB Hard Disk Space: 7GB
7GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or