Download __LINK__ Lanre Teriba Atorise Song

Download __LINK__ Lanre Teriba Atorise Song

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Download Lanre Teriba Atorise Song

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in 2000, lanre teriba came to the limelight after he released his debut album titled atorise (reformer). he has released over 17 albums since he came to the limelight in the music industry. he is one of the most travelled gospel musicians in nigeria with tours across multiple countries in africa, north america and europe.

thank u rever, i hope you can still make your way as a singer and i hope for u to succeed. if not god will give u another way. his word says the world is full of gluttony, a house which is not built on rock will fall. this is just a simple way of educating you.
i suggest you read the bible and prayer every day to seek god’s guidance. god is the only person to guide you.

lanre teriba became one of the most loved gospel singers of his time, his music reached millions of worshippers across the globe. lanre teriba is a highly inspirational gospel singer with a lot of hits to his credit. his voice has been compared to that of fela kuti and beyonce .
he released his first studio album in 1999 titled atorise (reformer), which won him a few awards. his singles like kem pata and kem pata wapne , which translates to a gun was dropped, and tonga topped the world charts. other tracks like olio and foluwa are not able to be loaded here.
lanre teriba is a talented musician. his music is self-produced. his first release was to address the issue of hiv and aids. he released the single, pa damo . the first video song in nigerian was also by him. he sang fola , which translates to i am like you. for a long time, he was a part of the ghanaian trio, you can dance. you can dance released a song titled karoke in 2004.
lanre teriba, as a pastor, he was an innovator in the nigerian gospel music industry by being the first artist who got into album with over 4 discs. the first disc was the atorise album (1999), the second the second coming album (2000), the third the tribute to naijaloaded album, which contained songs like praise the lord and born again. then came the 4th one, the reformation album in 2002. the 5th album was the atorise mixtape titled aromantic.
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