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Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel Features Key:

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Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel (2022)

A simple SHMUP inspired by arcade classics of the 80s for quick but challenging fun!
Jump through the 5 different time zones, blast your way out and catch all bonuses you can!
Are you brave enough to beat that highscore?
Game features:
– 5 Different Time Zones
– 5 Unique Boss Encounters
– Online Leaderboard
– Endless Game
– Infinite Score And Fun!
– Use WASD (Forwards, Up, Left, Right) keys to move Left/Right
– Space bar to Jump
– T to attack
– E to jump
– L to open gate
– R to enter new area
– Z to pause/taunt
Game Controls:
Mouse (or touch) to control movement
Spacebar to jump
C-Spi … Read More

Arcade Game (Rom)

Arcade Game (ROM)

0.01 MB

Developed by

Arcade Game is the core mod that makes our „The Last Level” mod work.
Arcade Game adds in a brand new level to The Last Level.
In this level you will fight the rising level of a unknown beast that is heading to destroy the world.
Solve the puzzles as you battle through the various rooms of the dungeon, collecting coins, gems and keys, all the while warding off the beast as it grows to reach the edge of the final level.
Game Features:
Brand new world to The Last Level
New Areas to explore
Collectibles to find and collect
Replay missions from The Last Level to beat higher scores
Use 2 Players (split screen) if possible
New ending cinematic
New Shout-outs in-game to give you the full Last Level experience
Use the toolbar (space bar) to get game information, access maps, toggle pause/options and more
Fixed missions from the last level
Would appreciate comments, … Read More

Arcade Game 2 (Rom)

Arcade Game 2 (ROM)

0.01 MB

Developed by

Arcade Game 2 is the core mod that makes The Way of the Samurai 2 and Eternal Samurai 2, playable in-game.
This is the second mission from the „The Way of the Samurai 2” series and it consists of 2 missions:
Mission 1: Stop the Train
Mission 2: Save the Princess
In this level you will face the forces of the enemy and be challenged to stop a train from crashing


Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel Free (April-2022)

Play as the God, and step inside the world of Fable. The pure in heart will be forged into the most powerful God shard and will possess the power to change this beautiful world into one of endless destruction.
Challenge yourself in the Quest to kill your dragon. The hardest tower defense game ever created.
MYTH: Ragnarok v2.0 Game
Join the battle as a fearless warrior to fight the evil Devourer and stop Ragnarok!
Jump Into The World Of Mythology: The Secret Of The Minotaur
Play as a brave young man named Jason, as you go on an epic quest to rescue your family.
Battle the Scurge
Take the battle to the underworld and defeat all 12 Lords of the Underworld!
The Battle Of Stormvale 3.0 GamePlay Single player or Multiplayer
Play The True Single Player Game or Fight Online in 2 Vs 2 or 3 Vs 3 Multiplayer Mode!
Game World Locations:The Castaway Island: a lush island home to multiple wild and dangerous creatures.
Explore the Walled City of Fairlawn: defend yourself and your allies against the tide of slime and supernatural creatures that have come to overrun the city!
Story Mode:Avenge the death of your family! As a youth named Jason, you are on a quest to discover the truth about the death of your loved ones.
Infiltrate the Underworld: take a walk on the darkest of side of the underworld!
Story Mode:Take on the role of Arron, a mute young man who must join forces with 3 legendary characters to prevent the undead from escaping from the underworld.
Adventure Mode:Become the most powerful warrior in the entire land! You will travel through dozens of worlds battling the dangerous creatures that inhabit the land.
Story Mode:Join the powerful battle-hardened hero as you take on the ancient hag who has trapped you in a deadly whirlpool!
Inspector Neinhart GamePlay Adventure Mode!
Become an investigator and hunt down the murderers that murdered your twin sister, Elsa!
Story Mode: You must save a troubled girl named Stella. You will also have to face the deadly Squeakerman!
Adventure Mode:Experience a thrilling story in which you play as the masked criminal, Harley Quinn.
Adventure Mode:Join the Sargasso family in this turn based fantasy combat game. Will you be able to survive this vicious siege?
Defeat the Enemies of Your Neighbors: The GamePlay:Defend the


What’s new in Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel:

VR180 controller review

I rarely have strong opinions about consumer technology but this controller is something different. I love it — that’s why I’m willing to review it 🙂

I first tried the DriveN VR180 controller at NAMM 2016 and remember thinking I’d have a pretty hard time getting the controller out of my mind. I’ve had the opportunity to test it again at Dream Golf VR in Arcadia, CA (the location where I took an E3 demo of Dream Golf VR). I’m impressed — the third time is a charm and this controller is now my new favorite VR controller.

Before we get into the review, check out the video at the end where I’m able to test every function of the remote.

I think the main thing that makes this controller stand out is that it’s actually not too big. The Dream Golf VR VR180 controller is a bit larger than my Oculus Touch controllers at 6″ long, 6.5″ tall, and 2.25″ deep. From further away, you might mistake this for a belt-clip remote (it’s not a belt-clip remote, we’ll get to that in a bit) or a motion controller for an Atmos TV set-top.

If you’ve used an Xbox One controller before, you’ll immediately notice the layout of the controller is very similar. Unlike the Xbox One controller, Oculus Touch doesn’t require any external buttons or analog sticks (you get an Xbox-like controller and instead use the four handle-like curved triggers for all the buttons). In place of analog sticks, the Oculus Touch controllers feature natively-placed virtual thumbsticks, and in place of buttons, the Oculus Touch controllers feature the touchpad on top.

Sound waves in VR are tracked and you can even play music or DJ in VR.

There’s the magic button that activates the integrated front-facing HD camera.

The second pair of analog triggers are for the shoulder tracking.

Unlike the Xbox One controllers, there’s no right-hand shoulder trigger (because of the back-facing camera). Instead, there’s a circular trigger and joystick that will be used in conjunction with the back-facing camera that tracks your hand movements.

On top of the controller there’s a buttons that you can access easily with either hand.



Free Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel PC/Windows [2022]

Louie & Co. are a little germ-obsessed by nature and love to explore the outer space (and their kitchen). Louie is living a quiet life on the Moon where he works as a vegetarian Marmalade cook, always spreading joy, friendship and love with his delicious surprises! But, his peaceful world is interrupted when an infectious cutie, called „Pinky”, comes with his cutie army on a mission to destroy the Moon to expand their cutie pie kingdom!! Louie has to work together with the enemies to face his nightmare
– Oculus Rift: won the Unite.LA 2012 best game awards
– Oculus Rift: won the Unite.LA 2012 best tech demo awards
– Oculus Rift: won the Unite.LA 2012 best tech demo awards
– Oculus Rift: won the Unite.LA 2012 best tech demo awards
VRModding community: Devastating Real Impact of GDP

Why are we still using GDP as an indicator of well-being? Many supporters of the ‘social market economy’ have jumped on the bandwagon. For example, just last month, the European Social Forum published ‘The Social Agenda for Europe — a Roadmap for the 21st Century’. In it, it points out that the increase in GDP which we have enjoyed since 1950 has not created more equal societies, but we have become less happy and have become ever more unequal (see p.15). The report discusses more evidence on the impact of this economic growth, including the fact that material living conditions of people in developing countries are improving slower than ever before.

The U.S. government has just published its economic reports for the fourth quarter of 2010. In them, they continue to argue that GDP measures the size of the economy. They leave out things like the housing market. They don’t measure the well-being of Americans.

Richard Koo, one of the most respected economists in the world, explains that the average American is much poorer than they were in 1960. See his blog


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