Comfar Iii Expert 3.2 UPD

Comfar Iii Expert 3.2 UPD



Comfar Iii Expert 3.2

in 1983, the first version of the software was released. since then, unido has been constantly working on development and improvement of this tool. the third generation, comfar iii expert for windows, was released in 1995. since then, in order to meet the technical developments as well as users requests, it has been annually upgraded. this software is based on the experience, recommendations, comments and needs of more than 8,000 users in 160 countries.

comfar iii expert supports the following languages: arabic, chinese, czech, english, farsi, french, german, indonesian, italian, japanese, korean, mongolian, polish, portuguese, russian, serbian, slovak and spanish.

comfar iii expert also enables project designers to develop a project cost estimate by means of the clean design mechanism (cdm) analysis. cdm is an objective framework to evaluate the efficiency and feasibility of an investment project in relation to its purpose and the project environment. the clean design mechanism analysis is suitable for investment projects and for decisions related to sustainability. cdm can be used in the planning phase of investment projects to assist project design and project management, and can be used as a part of a quality assurance system of investment projects.

an important advantage of comfar iii expert is that it combines a wide variety of modules that allow for the analysis of investment projects and the development of project proposals in a comprehensive and structured manner. for example, it is possible to develop a project budget or project feasibility plan, as well as a cost-benefit analysis or a value-added analysis. the program allows for the construction of a variety of financial and economic statements, including an operating and capital budget, financial statement and balance sheet, cash flow forecast, and present value analysis. it is also possible to perform a cost benefit analysis, a value-added analysis, a project management analysis, or a project feasibility analysis.

comfar was designed from the beginning to be easily customizable to the specific needs of local users. the flexibility of comfar allows it to be custom-configured to conform to the user’s needs. this is easily done by allowing the user to change the default values of the software and customize the output data.
comfar iii is a stand-alone application that offers users a set of simple yet powerful analytical tools. it is easy to learn, simple to use, efficient, and accurate. with a user-friendly interface, comfar iii is able to be effectively utilized by everyone. comfar iii enables users to generate a number of different types of reports, such as a report card, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. in addition, it allows users to generate various tables, graphs, charts, and calculations that can be exported to excel or word files.
comfar iii is designed to calculate values for all major financial ratios and the roi for your investment projects. in addition, it enables users to easily calculate npv and internal rate of return (irr). comfar iii provides a number of financial tools to help users identify the financial feasibility of your investment projects. it can run financial and investment analysis on various types of projects. you can use the comfar iii business planner to simulate investments for different companies. comfar iii mini expert is an application designed for the preliminary assessment of investment opportunities. it helps investors to assess the feasibility of investment projects. the user is first prompted to select the project type and then to select the investment options. the user can then input the project status, contractual obligations, risks, and the risk tolerance of the investor, etc. and then select the project options. comfar iii is a great and user-friendly application which is designed to calculate the financial feasibility of your investment projects.