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cnltf a380 driver
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cnltf a380
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using componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate on same component

I am using react-native-toolbox to make a component from another component, but I want to access some of the property of the component in componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate in the newly created component. The problem is these functions in react-native-toolbox are not synchronous so it means I can access the property of the component, but when the component’s DOM is not updated, it throws an error. How can I access the property of the component in the newly created component?
Here is my code:
class SomeComponent extends Component {

constructor(props) {

componentDidMount() {

this.props.toolbox.createComponentFromComponent(‘SomeOtherComponent’, props.components[someIndex], someId);

SomeOtherComponent = (props) =>

componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState) {
//error on accessing props


How can I synchronize when the component is created or