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Clear Cache For Chrome X64

Fully customizable to fit any user’s needs.
Clean junk from Chrome’s entire system, including cache, cookies, forms, passwords, service workers, history, downloads, app cache, plugin data, indexedDB, WebSQL and file systems.
CTRL+A or Enter will instantly clear one or more selected list of junk, all at once.
Remove list items by right clicking or Shift-right clicking.
Customize the current layout from either Dark or Light window themes.
Available for Google Chrome, available for Mac, Linux and Windows.
Also available for mobile through the extension’s custom URL API.
Not compatible with any other extensions, web pages or browser add-ons (, mod-pagespeed, etc).
nofication email addresses are displayed on the button.
Clear Cache for Chrome Cracked Accounts is a browser extension that allows for a single click clean of the entire browsing environment, including cookies, cache, autofill form data, passwords, and much more.
If you just want to clear specific items such as cookies, cache, or you simply want a faster loading web browser, then this is the extension for you.
If you ever find yourself searching the web when you just can’t remember what you searched for, or you simply want to delete all the cookies you have saved on your browser, then this is the extension you have been looking for. It works much faster than the typical method you use – manually deleting saved cookies.
A faster browser and a simpler way to delete cookies and other items that you don’t need
Maintaining a clean browser can be an incredibly tedious task. The idea of clearing cache, cookies, etc. becomes much simpler with the Clear Cache extension.
It doesn’t have to be as complex as you think
In general, the idea of caching is to save a certain piece of information from a website to the browser so that it can be used. Such information is usually saved locally on the user’s computer in a file of some type. It’s designed to make the browser load your website faster.
On top of that, having a clean browser also makes it faster to navigate the web using it. This is specifically true for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Clearing cache can also make your web browser faster. It can make your web browser load faster or slower.
The Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are similar in many ways.
It allows you to clear cache so that your web browser will

Clear Cache For Chrome Crack + [Win/Mac]

Clear Cache for Chrome is a Chrome extension that allows for streamlined delete of junk files (Cache files, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, app cache, plugin data, cache storage, history, downloads, local storage data, indexedDB, Web SQL data, file systems and even service workers)
Clear Cache for Chrome User reviews:
#1 ✅ Way to clean all Chrome Temporary Data (Cache Files, Cookies, Saved Passwords, History Cache, Form Data, App Cache, Plugin, Local Storage, IndexedDB, Web SQL, File system and Service Worker)
#2 ✅ Clear Chrome Cache, Cookies, Form Data, Flash Local Storage, Google Chrome Service Workers, HTML5 Local Storage and more – Instant Cleaner for Google Chrome
#3 ✅ Delete your Chrome data, history, form information & cookies in one click, and restore back to Google chrome
#4 ✅ Allows you to select the time frame (minutes, hours, days, weeks or all time) as you desire
#5 ✅ Can be applied to Bookmarks, Cookies, Form Data, History Cache, Plugin Data, Local Storage, IndexedDB, Web SQL, File system and Service Worker
#6 ✅ Eliminates all temporary Chrome storage data, including the Cache, Cookies, Saved Passwords, History Cache, Form Data, App Cache, Plugin, Local Storage, IndexedDB, Web SQL, File system and Service Worker
#7 ✅ Works with all Chrome browser (Stable, Canary and Beta)
#8 ✅ Easy to use, designed to make this harder
#9 ✅ Can delete flash cookies, cache and JavaScript data and works with any website
#10 ✅ Can be used for any Chrome browser
#11 ✅ Delete all data (cookies, history, app cache, saved passwords, form info, etc.) in one click
#12 ✅ Allows you to select the time frame (minutes, hours, days, weeks or all time) as you desire
#13 ✅ Easy to use and clean all data in one click
#14 ✅ Remove anything from your Chrome browser in one click, including the cache, cookies, history, form info, etc.
#15 ✅ Delete all windows cache in all browsers
#16 ✅ Create a one click button that will help you to clear all browser cache easily
#17 ✅ Allow you to clean your entire browser and remove all browser data all at once

Clear Cache For Chrome X64 [Updated-2022]

Acclaimed user-interface engineer Chris Messina has updated his Chrome extension Clear Cache, making it even more powerful and comprehensive.
Now, the extension includes an option to delete all of the junk that you have stored in Chrome’s various storage locations.
You can do this by clicking the toolbar icon and selecting a location from the menus. You can access a nifty list of all your apps, extensions, and other browser assets and their current status.
These include:
* All Chrome history
* All Chrome bookmarks
* All Chrome passwords
* All Chrome autofill data
* All Chrome form data
* All Chrome plugin data
* All Chrome file systems
* All Chrome databases and Web SQL data
* All Chrome temporary files
* All data
* All Chrome running service workers
* All Google fonts
* All Google protocols
* All Google styles

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What’s New In Clear Cache For Chrome?

Clear Cache for Chrome is an extension that allows you to delete junk files directly from Chrome’s toolbar.
It allows users to clear a wide array of junk files including Cache, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, app cache, plugin data, cache storage, history, downloads, local storage data, indexedDB, Web SQL data, file systems and even service workers.
In addition, it makes it remarkably simple to select the time range: either last minute, last 5 minutes, last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and “All time.” This extension is all about accessibility and improving your workflow, hence, note that you can open its GUI via the CTRL+A key combo and a quick clean can be performed simply pressing Enter afterward.
There are also various customization options, as the extension allows users to add or remove various time range options, cleaning options, and choose between two nice GUI themes (Dark and Light).
CTRL+A and Enter to instantly delete all pre-selected junk files

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System Requirements For Clear Cache For Chrome:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.5.6 (PowerPC & Intel)
Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Intel)
Mac OS X 10.7.1 (Intel)
Processor: 600 MHz or faster, 32-bit OS
600 MHz or faster, 32-bit OS 600 MHz or faster, 64-