Cinema Grade Pro V1.1.3 (486) UPDATED 🆕

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Cinema Grade Pro V1.1.3 (486)

data will be collected from each participant in written format and audio format. data will be collected through a variety of tools and technologies that have been or will be used by researcher or researchers at locations currently being used by the patient. data collection will be on-going and for the duration of the study.

there will be a possibility of completing the study through logging into the website hosted by the researcher. the study will be open to 1,820 people, but the researcher will not have a ranking order for who to talk to. all participants will be able to select their preferred methodology from the set list of study tools. each tool will have its own access log, and all tools will be ranked. this will ensure the researcher does not encourage the participant to self-select the tool they use to complete the study. all tools will be ranked but this is not a ranking tool.

data analysis is, and will be, guided by the purpose of the study. all the data is being collected in electronic format. data may be analysed using any software suitable for the purpose. the researcher will do all necessary statistical analysis to validate the results.

for quantitative study design we will include: case-control (n = 4); cross-sectional (n = 4); paired/paired t-test (n = 2); paired t-test (n = 1); quantitative descriptive analysis (n = 3); frequency analysis (n = 3); regression analysis (n = 6); analysis of variance (anova) (n = 6); linear regression (n = 10); correlation analysis (n = 5); multiple linear regression (n = 4); and comparative analysis (n = 10). data analysis will be on-going and for the duration of the study. to minimise data loss, the researcher will have back-up and syncing systems to the e-mail on a daily basis (i.e. morning and night). all data has been de-identified, and the data collection tools have been programmed to ensure no personal details of any kind are recorded.

i would love the ability to upload my own grading luts or the ability to import luts created in a different system. finally, more dedicated color grading is great, but for me its lacking some of the professional video editing tools that ive become accustomed to over the last 10 years. are you a dedicated cinema grade user? have you bought into the cinema grade system and want to recommend it to your friends? share your experience with other users in the comments section below.
theres also a good selection of free cinema grade videos on the gdc website. we even get a tutorial video on how to setup proxies. nice! the cinema grade website also offers a few tutorials and a good selection of online videos, theres plenty of useful information to learn about using cinema grade.
as you can see, our new cinema grade pro 1.1.3 for mac version is more manageable and faster than previous versions. our target users are the professionals who often use after effects, final cut pro, davinci resolve and premiere pro.
it includes almost the same features as our previous versions and maintains all the essential tools to make your workflow easier and more efficient. cinema grade pro v1.1.3 for mac supports mac os x 10.8 or later and the mac version can be installed on an external drive. to get started, just install cinema grade pro 1.3 for mac through the download file and follow the instructions during installation.
the most noticeable change is that the interface is now more convenient. cinemas grade pro v1.1.3 for mac has three main tabs: converter, adjuster and interface. to quickly access each function, they have been placed together on the top-right side.