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in this paper, the concept of design space is developed based on the literature reviews, expert opinions, and the work-in-progress of related research. for safety design, a mechanism named design space plot is proposed to monitor the relationship between given design space and fault (or failure) frequency. the design space plot can identify regions where some faults or failures appear with a relatively high frequency. therefore, the plot can be regarded as a fault analysis tool for product designers, and the parameters that control design space can be utilized to design and control the product. to facilitate the process of design space evaluation and planning, the expert survey method is used to collect and analyze the opinions of the researcher group on design space evaluation and planning. after analysis, a database of design space values can be formed. then, the design space relationship between any two parameters can be calculated by the logistics regression analysis method. the proposed method is verified by using a data from real automotive products. the results show that design space analysis can help product designers to evaluate the design space and to plan the design or to control the product.less

the force distributions caused by the elastic and plastic deformations of the finite element model are presented, and the geometry with stress distribution is illustrated. a mathematical model for self-closed finite element model is constructed to predict the surface force distributions for the elastic and plastic strains. finite element analysis is conducted to predict the stress-strain distributions of the four samples and thus the deformed shapes of nanowires for different notch sizes are obtained and verified by comparing the simulation results with the sem images.

to visualize the internal cavity in the bowtie-shaped nanomaterial, the silicon membrane fracture technique was employed. to this end, borosilicate glasses with seven different diameters (9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21 μm) and thicknesses (9 μm) were used to fabricate the membranes, and then the membranes were precisely cleaved in a droplet of water. a correlation was found between the internal cavity sizes and the diameters of the borosilicate glasses. the work is concluded with a brief outlook on the potential applications of bowtie-shaped nanostructures with two different nanosized cavities (one of void, one of nanochannel) created at the same time.less
a fundamental particle-by-particle phase separation has been validated in an analysis based on the use of the integral equation theory. the free energy variation path of a multicomponent system across the liquid-liquid phase separation has been obtained by the free energy surface averaging based on a fundamental particle-by-particle separation hypothesis. three cases corresponding to isotropic, low-order anisotropic, and high-order anisotropic distribution of a component have been studied, and a free energy and phase diagram are built. moreover, three-phase boundaries are discussed and illustrated.less
to facilitate better control of the aforementioned problem, the key hole mapping strategy is developed based on the operations on the accumulated digital processing. in the design of image-based intelligent navigation, not only the topographic information of the image but also the region information of interest must be taken into account. therefore, the first step to be considered in the process of designing image-based intelligent navigation of the digital platform must be to segment the binary map into its inner and outer regions. by using the accumulated digital processing as the framework, key hole mapping strategy is proposed. then, the implementation of a guided route is integrated by the collected key hole data. finally, the validity and the effectiveness of the proposed method are tested in comparison to the traditional key hole strategies through a practical application on the process of digital inspection.less