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By using AdBlocker and Privacy Protector, you can download a good deal of free apps without any ads or spying. There is a ton of games on here from different developers and published by other developers, too.

The download portal of Softonic is mainly focused on Windows, and there is a wide collection of software for download in categories such as Entertainment, Graphics, Communication, and so on. However, Windows can be a challenge as most of its applications come in a few sizes, and so downloading the correct software becomes a little difficult. The downloads on Softonic can be accessed through their Android and iOS versions. Now, the only thing you need to do is to download apps via that.

EzWeb is a great download software portal that allows you to download softwares to install on your Windows PC. You can also find the softwares for windows mobile phones with the manufacturer’s technical support section. A huge collection of operating system utilities like drivers and tools for Windows OS are available here. So, you can use EzWeb safely and with zero malware or third-party spywares.

The download portal of Softpedia is a good repository of Windows software programs such as Office and other top productivity software, as well as audio, video, games and other categories for your gaming pleasure. You can also download the Android and iOS version from this website.

IDG The website of the United States -based tech-journalist can easily be found on the search engine, but you can also download the software section for its Android and iOS version, too. It has a large selection of software for the latest Windows OS and all other platforms like Android and iOS. And you can also download Office 2016 free from here.