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Why is ‘North’ and ‘East’ referred to as „sunrise” and „sunset”?

I’ve always assumed that’sunrise’ and’sunset’ are the terms used to describe where the sun sets and rises in an east-west direction. Why is it that we use sunrise and sunset instead of some other directional terms that would better describe the case?


„Sunrise” and „sunset” are not used to describe where the sun sets and rises in an east-west direction.
„Sunrise” and „sunset” are used to describe where the sun sets and rises in an east-west direction, but not the exact direction.

How it works
I personally don’t know how it started, but it isn’t that „sunrise” and „sunset” describe the direction in which the sun rises and sets in an east-west direction. It describes the time when the sun rises and sets in an east-west direction.
For example, you might see:

„The sun is rising in the east.”
„The sun is setting in the west.”

This means that the sun is rising and setting in an east-west direction, i.e. the sun is rising and setting to the east, and that the sun is rising and setting in the east.
In other words, the sun is rising and setting to the east, while the sun is rising and setting in the east.
Why we use „