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a new feature in revelations is the inclusion of the list of assassins, a list which will be filled in with all of the assassins who have died in the game’s story. at the end of the game, ezio will be able to choose from several of these men to accompany him on his journey.

another new feature is the introduction of the main antagonist of the game, the masyaf council, and several other supporting characters. on 4 april, the first two members of the council were introduced: il-khamis and amr ibn-la’ahad. on the 8th, the last two members were introduced: al-mudari and nuri al-kadiri. the masyaf council has several members, as well as a leader, al-muhajir ; a former assassin who had worked with ezio during the previous game. during the game’s demo, amr revealed that he was the templars’ new leader.

watch online assassin’s creed revelations 720p dubbed english [south korean zombie film], watch assassin’s creed revelations full movie online, download assassin’s creed revelations full movie. in assassin’s creed brotherhood, ezio auditore da firenze investigates the death of his family, who were killed by the same man, ezio’s mentor and the man who trained him as an assassin, altair. altair, who is revealed to be the son of the main antagonist, the sultan of arabia, must find the true killer of his family, and find a powerful artifact known as the lost archive, which could lead him to the father, ezio’s mentor, and discover who is behind the darkness behind the city of constantinople.the following are the three assassin’s creed games released in the franchise.

revelations takes place four years after the events of assassin’s creed iii. the story also takes place after the events of assassin’s creed ii, except that ezio is the main character in this game. the game takes place in constantinople, a city that has suffered greatly from the plague, as well as the assassins being greatly persecuted. during the inquisition, ezio is forced to hunt down the legendary haytham kenway in order to prove himself and save his daughter sofia.
the game features a new playable character, ezio, who has been separated from sofia at an early age. following his father’s death in 1310, ezio returned to his hometown of florence, italy. returning there, ezio learns from his former mentor leonardo that he is in fact the descendant of altair, and the true heir to the secret assassin order. believing that the assassins are the only ones who can prevent the templar’s plans for world domination, ezio travels to constantinople to finally avenge the death of his father and the other assassins. after ezio returns to florence, he is forced to go on a pilgrimage to the ruins of a young assassin village in the desert near his hometown, as well as investigate the events surrounding his father’s death, including the purpose behind the mysterious order.
assassin’s creed revelations is a first-person action-adventure video game developed by ubisoft montreal and published by ubisoft. it is the ninth installment in the assassin’s creed series, and was released worldwide on 27 november 2011 for microsoft windows, playstation 3, and xbox 360. the game is the first in the series to be set in the historical period of the early 16th century, with the game set in 1546.