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AdGuard VPN is a free and easy-to-use VPN extension for Firefox. Once installed, it protects your internet traffic by encrypting it and then securely redirecting it to an IP address of your choice.
Because AdGuard VPN for Firefox is a free extension, it is completely free of any ads or time limit.
How to use it:
Once installed, go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions.
Select „Addons from the Web” in the search bar and browse for a website with VPN capabilities.
Once the website is loaded, click on the green “Install this add-on” button to start the installation.
Once the installation has been completed, AdGuard VPN for Firefox will be automatically added to the list of Firefox’s extensions. You can also add AdGuard VPN for Firefox to the list of bookmarks, if you’d like.
The installation process takes just a few seconds.
Now, when you open Firefox, you will see a new icon on the toolbar. Click on it and select either „Create New VPN” or „Open a specific VPN location”.
A popup window will show up with the location of the nearest server.
Note that you can always change the VPN location manually.
The location can be specified either by city, state, province, country or region.
If you want to secure the current connection, select the checkbox for „Create New VPN”.
If you want to open a specific location, select the location and click on „Open”.
From now on, your network traffic will be redirected to the selected location, keeping your identity unknown.
Note that VPN connection is active by default, so you may not need to enable it.
More information:

AdGuard VPN for Android Description:
AdGuard VPN is a free and easy-to-use VPN app for Android, with the same functionality as its counterpart for the desktop.
How to use it:
Download the application for Android from the Google Play.
Install it

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Set up VPN connection:
You need to fill out the name and password of your selected server (Country, Host name, IP address and VPN subnet)
Set up Selective mode:
You need to select the servers that are accessible from your location
Export the generated MACRO file:
Open your FTP application
Type in the URL: ftp://localhost
Click on the „choose” button to choose the „export” radio button
Select the „export” radio button
Click on the „open” button to choose your exported Macro File
Plug in your camera and click on the Start button to start the camera recording
Select a time interval to record (minutes, hours, days, etc.)
Click on the OK button and then on the Done button to stop recording the video and save it to your computer

MARDUK Description:
Test mode to set up your local network connection to use as a VPN to share your Internet connection and your local network connection.
Your local network connection will be connected to the VPN and when you connect to the internet it will be routed through the VPN to get to the Internet.
Use this as a test, to verify your Internet connection is working and that you have a good connection to the internet.
Use your local network connection only when on a local network like at work or home.
You can run Marduk without installing it.
You can also run the Marduk Client without installing it.
While the Marduk Client can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, the Marduk server needs to be run on the machine you are testing.
Marduk is similar to Zeroconf but uses a pre-determined local network port.
Marduk can be used to share your local network connection (such as for a home or corporate network) with your iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini, or Android device.
Marduk can be used on any standard router or network adapter (i.e. a network device on your network that is not directly connected to your internet connection).
– Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Mac OS X 10.6 and newer
– A free 3G or WiFi internet connection
– You can test any computer in your local network
– The local network computer must have a valid DNS server or the DNS servers of the public Internet (requires Internet connection)
– Make sure your firewall is disabled

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This article was published in Dezember 2018 and last updated on 3/14/2020

Qubit is a scientific tool for data processing and visualization. With Qubit, users can run thousands of jobs, each of which can be assigned to a queue and then processed in parallel. All Qubit jobs can be visualized together and results from other jobs can be re-used in analysis pipelines. Qubit integrates seamlessly with other analysis software.
Qubit 5.0 is a public beta, so it may contain bugs.
For some tests, Qubit must be installed in a virtual machine.
What’s new in Qubit 5.0?
Big Qubit Updates
New versions of Qubit are released roughly every four months. The big changes since the previous release are listed here.
Qubit user interface
The data loading interface in Qubit has been improved significantly. Qubit now shows the data types of the chosen dataset and the current progress of the data load in real time.
qGet resizes and formats the data for read/write operations. In the future, it will also resize the data.
Covariance matrices
The Covariance Matrix of a DataSet can now be calculated directly from the DataSet. This is a major update since Qubit 5.0 was first released.
qMutate can now generate a new DataSet with mutated values. You can also specify ranges for the mutated values.
The DataSet class is now an abstract base class.
Deprecated functions
There are no longer functions which are not marked as deprecated.
New functions
There are new functions for the file system.
Qubit now includes a new kind of DataSet. An ArrayDataSet holds several DataSets.
The new functions are:
qShow – Shows a DataSet directly in the Qubit GUI.
Qubit\Graphics\ – Shows a DataSet and calculates the covariance matrix.
qFileAccess – Accesses files in the file system.
Qubit\Components\ – Contains the function setStructure
qSet – Sets the structure of the ArrayDataSet.
Qubit\Components\ – Contains the function setStructure
qMutate – Mutates a data set and returns the mutated version of the data set.

What’s New In AdGuard VPN For Firefox?

AdGuard VPN is a free VPN that allows you to unblock Internet services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, without using a Virtual Private Network. The web page you are about to visit may be malicious, such as a scam or fake website, so be careful while you are visiting such sites.
What is a Virtual Private Network?
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all of your network traffic, which is transferred from your computer (or smart device) to the network. By encrypting the traffic, it makes it more difficult for others to intercept and analyze your data. With the growing amount of data that you share on social networks, webpages and forums, the security of your online presence is more important than ever.
How does VPN work?
VPNs are created by using a public/private key system. The public key is provided to you. The private key is kept safe on your computer, and only you have access to it.
When you connect to the VPN, your computer sends the connection request and your private key. The VPN server receives your request, computes the public/private key pair, encrypts your request, and returns the encrypted version. When you connect to the VPN, your computer receives the encrypted request and decrypts it with your private key, and sends the request to the VPN server. The encrypted request, containing the location of the VPN server, is sent back to the computer.

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